The Women in Motorcycling Exhibition, coming April 2019

The Women in Motorcycling Exhibition is coming to the Midlands, UK in April 2019!

The Women in Motorcycling Exhibition brings together females who are experienced riders, learners and those looking to start but aren't sure where to begin. Commuters, pleasure riders, racers, tourers; no matter what you ride now or want to ride in future, we're here to bring the best of motorcycling into one place for you! We provide an environment where bikes, clothing, accessories, tours, inspirational speakers, masterclasses, biker buddy meet-ups and more merge to create an exciting experience, focused on women's needs in this ever-growing market.

The event emerged from the frustrations of the owner Lindsay on being able to get easily accessible gear for riding that not only protected her, but also looked good. Footwear was a nightmare, skinny-calved boots and tight toes all added to the increased annoyance that some retailers haven't quite caught up to the hundreds of thousands of women out there that want better gear. The idea of bringing the best retailers, the ones that 'got' it, into one place was born. And why stop at gear?! We love bikes too! So there will be a great selection of bikes to choose from, in addition to having inspirational women from the biking community telling us their interesting tales. Struggle for biker buddies? We've created a special area to meet fellow riders matching your location and ability so you can plan rides out together. Want to learn more about the mechanics of your bike but lack the confidence to ask? We hear you, sister, and have both basic maintenance masterclasses and more detailed sessions for those wanting to learn a little more.

With more activities added all the time, like our social media pages to keep up with all the latest news on this exciting new event!


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