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Women in Moto at ABR 2023

ABR (Adventure Bike Rider Festival) was a blast! It was brilliant fun riding the Honda Motorcycles Fireblade, it’s the first proper ‘lean on the tank’ bike we’d ever tried and was surprised at how smooth it was and how easy to took to the winding bends surrounding Ragley Hall.

It was brilliant that Honda organised a women’s ride for all of us to try a bike and we had great fun together on the new machines. Most of us opted to choose a style we wouldn’t normally ride to get the most out of the experience.

Fuelled up with food we had a wander the stalls to see the latest Ruroc lids, and got to meet the lovely Tanya at last of Biker Tidy (you should really check out the products if you haven’t already).

CCM Motorcycles had kindly arranged another female ride for a couple of us and we had a brilliant time whizzing around the local roads and up into the estate for some epic photos. The bobber we tried was a bundle of fun, completely opposite to the Fireblade with snatchier gears and a wilder ride which was exciting, they sounded absolutely awesome too. The keyless start was pretty nifty and the little leather key pouch on the tank was a really stylish addition. Very cool!

To finish off the day a big hats off to our own inspirational speaker The Girl On A Bike for organising a huge women’s only photoshoot! It’s hard enough to get a few ladies to be on time let alone a whole festival full so hats off to her for pulling it together.

Oxford Products Ladies Day

We always like to champion those doing great things for women in moto and Oxford Products are really setting the bar high.

We were invited along to a feedback and development day at their HQ to see what they have coming out this season and what’s in the pipeline. We had some healthy debates regarding fit, colours, features and our opinions really felt heard. The current range that’s out/coming soon really does cover a lot of bases and we found fit and function are high on the priority list like never before.

The chance to see their incredible warehouse and development operation was certainly eye-opening too. They test everything in house with weather machines, impact machines and all sorts and their designers are wizards! It really is a slick operation and actually made us realise how much their quality really is exceptional for the price point they offer.

It was a wonderful day meeting some truly inspiring ladies and we salute Oxford for what’s coming (we can’t share any details of new concepts but the next few years is very exciting for women’s gear!). Bravo 👏 And check out their website for affordable moto gear and more…

Women in Moto Lead the Red Roses Tour Bus

The world record breaking occasion saw Lindsay from Women in Moto and moto content creator Sophie McGinn lead the Red Roses rugby team into Twickenham on the brand new Honda CB750 Hornets.

Firstly, the bikes were stood proudly outside the stadium entrance, creating many admiring (and curious!) glances as Lindsay and Sophie were photographed having fun and playing around with the bikes. One lovely gentleman accidentally interrupted the shoot to ask Lindsay about the new Hornet and share his fond Honda experiences!

As the Red Roses team bus came down the road, Lindsay and Sophie prepared to set off in front. There was a little panic with one of the GoPros not switching on, but ever the pro Sophie managed to seamlessly work through it. The gates opened and the cheering began!

The matching Ruroc Harley Quinn helmets and Enginehawk Renegade jackets fit beautifully with the sleek style and colourways of the Hornets, creating a powerful vision as the team bus drew into the stadium. The Hornets were super smooth to ride, keeping the slow control perfectly with the pace of the security walking in front.

As they drew into the last leg of the ride, the crowd was intense! Clapping and cheering resounded out for both the riders and the team bus following. The riders and the Honda car pulled to one side to allow the Red Roses their well-deserved limelight.

Lindsay and Sophie conducted interviews with Honda about the positive messages of linking women in motorsports and women in sports, and the necessity of having more women at the forefront of national news.

The Red Roses’ epic win made history as the highest attended women’s rugby game ever at 58,498 attendees!