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All free, just turn up and join in! We expect some of our workshops and sessions to be super popular so it’s first come, first served. We will be adding to the workshops regularly so come back to see what’s happening!

You Can See Our 2023 Lineup Below!


Practical sessions where you can get hands-on!

Women in Moto 23

Debbie Bee Warrior Poet

Writing Workshops (Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th)

Write about your experiences as a biker, or pillion. It doesn’t matter if:

You ride a 125cc or over a 1000cc bike, we all have motorbike experience. You’ve not written for decades to wrote something yesterday. You are welcome to join Debbie AKA The Bee Warrior Poet writing workshops.

If you have work that fits the content and you’d like to bring along – any genre of work, blog, prose, poetry, short stories, you are more than welcome to. If you don’t have work, bring ideas with you.

Workshops are 45 minutes long – bring paper and pens.

1st Workshop: Writing Using Your Senses (Saturday 17th)

When riding we use them all in one way or another, so let’s add them to our writing. All about the sights, sounds, tastes, touch, & smells of the ride.

2nd Workshop: Looking Through Your Childs Eye (Sunday 18th)

Seeing the world around you on the bike for the first time. As bikers we view the world, and our journeys, differently to other road users. We will put this view into our writing for this workshop.”