Judy Richter

First Aid

Judy Richter @ TrainAidInc – Making First Aid, Second Nature.

Judy Richter is a mum of 4 who, as an Advanced IAM Rider, currently rides her own Aprilia Shiver 750 and also a variety of bikes for Derbyshire Blood Bikers.

Having trained Emergency Life Support Skills in a global setting within aviation, FE Colleges and latterly with St John Ambulance, Judy set up her own first aid training company 8 years ago…delivering Workplace and Community First Aid across the UK. As a returning biker after 30 years away from biking, Judy recognised a need to educate people away from some of the old myths that seemed to have stuck. “Never move your casualty and never take their helmet off” were words of wisdom that I cringed at says Judy. So she came up with her FAB First Aid for Bikers Courses offering biker specific information on how to manage an incident, deal with immediate life threatening injuries, who to call (its different abroad), offer basic first aid and how/what to monitor until the emergency services turn up.

During the exhibition Judy will be delivering 2 sessions to give you a flavour of how her workshops run.

Casualty Response and the ‘B’ Words/The Window of Opportunity
How do you assess your casualty and their injuries and what is the most important injury to deal with first? How fast do the Emergency Services manage to get to casualties and can a first aider really make a difference before they get there?
A non-breathing casualty can suffer from brain damage or death within 4-5minutes. The Emergency Services can’t always get there that fast. Could YOU save your biking buddy’s life?

‘Head’s Up’
A look at why, when and how a helmet should be removed from a biking casualty with a demonstration and a quick overview of different types of helmets and their effectiveness.

Kate Harrington

Biker Yoga

We aren't expecting you to balance on your bike precariously whilst doing a downward dog (though if you CAN do that then we would certainly like to see!). Kate Harrington specialises in yoga techniques and stretches specific to where bikers have the biggest problems.

As an accomplished motorcyclist herself, Kate first discovered the benefits of yoga as an international road racer competing at the Isle of Man TT races. She has always taken a pride in keeping fit, particularly aerobic and endurance training to help her with the racing. In 1997 whilst in the Paddock an older lady came up to her and said “young lady, you really should learn how to breathe properly!” She was staggered; she was the fittest person she knew! BUT being curious, she went along to a class...

Kate then practised mostly Hatha for a few years, and mostly for the physical aspects, in 2005 Kate decided to learn more and took the Yoga for Health Foundation General Teaching Training wanting to learn more of the spiritual and the Anatomy & Physiology. Teachers from this school include Fiona Agombar and Bill Feeny. This course was over 200 hours, 2 years with 8 intensive weekends, in between residential weekends there were essays and assignments to complete.

It was never Kates real intention to teach, but in Oct 2009 she was asked by the Studio Manager at Fitness First to take on a new class, as they hadn’t had yoga there before. Kate found she thoroughly loved sharing her passion for yoga, and soon was asked to take on more classes.

In 2015 Kate built her own studio to teach 1:1 classes, small group classes, and host various workshops and other Teacher Trainings.

Through learning, going on to teach and then running her own workshops, Kate will bring a refreshing take to all those who would like to learn how to use yoga to help them as bikers.

We will be running 4 x 30 minute sessions throughout the show, all included with your ticket. Most of the sessions will be standing, but feel free to bring your own mat for the sit-down bits! There will be a special session on Sunday morning for all those happy campers to help get you back on the road!

You can find more information on Kate's classes at her studio in Leicester including online classes for those who wish to participate at home at http://www.leicesterforrestyoga.co.uk/ and her Facebook page.

The Drawn Studio

Small Tastes of Drawing

The Drawn Studio, who's resident artist Lou Sprocket is exhibiting at the show will be providing 2 workshops on the day, 'Small Tasters of Drawing'.

A chance to have a go at drawing, she’ll show and teach the basic elements of drawing technique so others can have a go at drawing small parts of motorbikes.

The small tasters of drawing are designed for all levels of skill and are short sessions of 30 minutes, so they fit into the live drawing and exhibiting of her original photorealistic drawings.

Alice Lewis of Bridgestone

Tyre Safety

A special tyre safety workshop will be organised by Bridgestone to demonstrate how its portfolio of products perform for different bikes in different conditions – and the technology that goes into each tyre compound.

The tyre safety workshops will include a talk from Alice Lewis, the Motorcycle Marketing Coordinator for Bridgestone, about the importance of checking your tyres and using the correct tyres for your riding application. Followed by a Q&A and she will provide each attendee a tyre safety booklet to take away.