Judy Richter

First Aid

Judy Richter @ TrainAidInc – Making First Aid, Second Nature.

Judy Richter is a mum of 4 who, as an Advanced IAM Rider, currently rides her own Aprilia Shiver 750 and also a variety of bikes for Derbyshire Blood Bikers.

Having trained Emergency Life Support Skills in a global setting within aviation, FE Colleges and latterly with St John Ambulance, Judy set up her own first aid training company 8 years ago…delivering Workplace and Community First Aid across the UK. As a returning biker after 30 years away from biking, Judy recognised a need to educate people away from some of the old myths that seemed to have stuck. “Never move your casualty and never take their helmet off” were words of wisdom that I cringed at says Judy. So she came up with her FAB First Aid for Bikers Courses offering biker specific information on how to manage an incident, deal with immediate life threatening injuries, who to call (its different abroad), offer basic first aid and how/what to monitor until the emergency services turn up.

During the exhibition Judy will be delivering 2 sessions to give you a flavour of how her workshops run.

Casualty Response and the ‘B’ Words/The Window of Opportunity
How do you assess your casualty and their injuries and what is the most important injury to deal with first? How fast do the Emergency Services manage to get to casualties and can a first aider really make a difference before they get there?
A non-breathing casualty can suffer from brain damage or death within 4-5minutes. The Emergency Services can’t always get there that fast. Could YOU save your biking buddy’s life?

‘Head’s Up’
A look at why, when and how a helmet should be removed from a biking casualty with a demonstration and a quick overview of different types of helmets and their effectiveness.