All Included with Your Show Ticket

All free, just turn up and join in! We expect some of our workshops to be super popular so it’s first come, first served. We will be adding to the workshops regularly!

Here We Ride

Printmaking Workshops

Here We Ride, whose resident artist Lianne designed our fantastic show logo and showed a few people how to draw last year, will be providing some fun printmaking workshops.

Printmaking workshops will allow you to experience lino printing. This traditional form of printmaking is easy to achieve at home. You can choose one of 4 designs to print and take away for yourself as well as a demonstration of how to cut and print a lino cut.  Come grab yourself an exclusive print and a fun experience!

Kate Harrington

Biker Yoga

Kate Harrington returns to offer specialist biker yoga sessions at the event – yoga techniques and stretches specific to where bikers have the biggest problems.

As an accomplished motorcyclist herself, Kate first discovered the benefits of yoga as an international road racer competing at the Isle of Man TT races. She has always taken a pride in keeping fit, particularly aerobic and endurance training to help her with the racing. In 1997 whilst in the Paddock an older lady came up to her and said “young lady, you really should learn how to breathe properly!” She was staggered; she was the fittest person she knew! BUT being curious, she went along to a class…

Kate then practised mostly Hatha for a few years, and mostly for the physical aspects, in 2005 Kate decided to learn more and took the Yoga for Health Foundation General Teaching Training wanting to learn more of the spiritual and the Anatomy & Physiology. Teachers from this school include Fiona Agombar and Bill Feeny. This course was over 200 hours, 2 years with 8 intensive weekends, in between residential weekends there were essays and assignments to complete.

It was never Kate’s real intention to teach, but in Oct 2009 she was asked by the Studio Manager at Fitness First to take on a new class, as they hadn’t had yoga there before. Kate found she thoroughly loved sharing her passion for yoga, and soon was asked to take on more classes.

In 2015 Kate built her own studio to teach 1:1 classes, small group classes, and host various workshops and other Teacher Trainings.

Through learning, going on to teach and then running her own workshops, Kate will bring a refreshing take to all those who would like to learn how to use yoga to help them as bikers.

We will be running 3 x 30 minute sessions throughout the show, all included with your ticket. Most of the sessions will be standing, but feel free to bring your own mat for the sit-down bits! There will be a special session on Sunday morning for all those happy campers to help get you back on the road!

Claire van den Bosch

Mental Health in Motorcycling

Claire van den Bosch came to riding relatively late at the ripe old age of 39, starting off on a BMWR850R which she proceeded to drop 13 times in 5 weeks before buying the Hornet which sealed her fate as a lover of 4 cylinder Hondas. She now rides a CB650F, and gets her kicks from short and long tours around the UK and Europe, as well as days out around the twisties of Kent, Surrey and the Sussexes. Claire is an Observer with London Advanced Motorcyclists and now only occasionally drops her bike…

Also a psychotherapist in private practice, a person living with complex trauma and a recovering addict, Claire has developed a particular passion for encouraging others living with trauma, and especially women, to try learning to ride and earning their Advanced Rider badge as part of their healing journey. She also has a knack for supporting existing riders who find anxiety is blocking them from experiencing the full joy of riding. 

Claire says “I started my own healing journey from childhood trauma (including experiencing domestic violence) in my late teens, got clean from addiction in my early 30s, started training as a psychotherapist in my mid 30s and personally found that learning to ride at this point in my life (I was 40 when I got my full licence) totally consolidated the healing I’d been doing… I particularly love to encourage other women to find the same healing I’ve found through riding, and to support them to overcome the self doubt and anxiety that often makes learning to ride and earn their advanced rider badge harder than perhaps it is, in general, for men.”

In the first part of this workshop Claire talks candidly about her early life experiences and the stony path through alcohol drug and sex addiction common to so many adolescents and adults living with untreated trauma who are searching for some sense of self worth and freedom from anxiety and loneliness.

In the second half of the session Claire explores all the different ways in which riding a motorbike might just be a journey of inner healing as well as an outer adventure, sharing insights from integrative psychotherapy, trauma informed recovery work and neuropsychology. 

Louisa of Lucky Bumblebee Racing

Introduction to Racing

Lucky Bumblebee Racing was formed in September 2021 by Louisa, a newcomer to biking and a Honda fan, and Den, a veteran rider and a Suzuki V-twin lover.

With a plan to track and maybe race, a ’98 GSXR 750 and a ’99 TR1000R were acquired and made track ready. The bikes are named Lucky and Bumblebee respectively.
“We are at WIM22 to promote and champion ladies on track. There aren’t enough of us. We want to help change that.

I am hosting a couple of 15 minute casual yet interactive ‘workshop talks’ on our stand to tell attendees how track days work, how to go about booking, how to hire bikes or take your own, things to expect on the track and on the day, and about gaining my ACU license.”

Go and visit Louisa on her stand at the show and meet the infamous Lucky and Bumblebee! ​

Lisa Thomas

‘Dirty Dining’ Camping Cookalong

Lisa Thomas from 2ridetheworld will also be hosting a workshop at our event in August in addition to being an inspirational speaker! ‘Dirty Dining’ is about cooking on the road and is interactive- you can bring your own stove and food items and cook-along, or just come and watch for tips!

Suggested items to bring: camp stove and fuel, cutting board, knife, medium sized cook pot and handle, spoon or ladle, can opener. Cook-a-long detail: Lisa will be cooking one of her favourite recipes from her camp cook book “DIRTY – DINING”. The recipe and ingredients will be available closer to the time on our website so you know what to bring along. We can’t wait for this!