Tried and Tested

Tried and tested bits of kit for biking, camping and beyond.

We know what you’re thinking. These are Amazon links and you get commission from purchases made. That is correct, we get a small amount of commission per item sold using our link, which goes directly into the event running costs to make the event even better. BUT we have bought, tried and tested every single one of these products ourselves and only have included them if we actually feel they deserve the recommendation. You get a proper recommendation, we make some pennies for the show. Win-win all round!

Muc-Off Chain Cleaner

One of the best chain cleaners we have used. The oil and grime just melts away so you can wipe off the reside easily. We use it for removal of excess chain lube off the back wheel too (just be careful to avoid moving parts!)

Rolston Sack Barrow

This was actually bought to ferry kit around Glastonbury- which held up so well against the bumpy terrain and left cheaper trollies scattered in its wake. Used most recently for a house move but has also moved beer and barrels around the show!

Muc-Off All-Weather Chain Lube

Used every 200-300 miles and every time you clean your chain, this lube is one of the best we’ve found if you ride in the wet! It’s a little ‘stickier’ than most for better adhesion and leaves a slight purple residue so you can see what bit you’ve already done (then it fades!).

WD-40 Brake Cleaner

Does exactly what it says on the tin! Easy to use and one of the cheaper products on the market.

Oxford Aquatex Cover- S

For a permanent base we recommend the Oxford Stormex cover, however this is perfect for nipping out to the shops. More of a deterrent than a proper weatherproof cover, but one of the better ‘cheaper’ ones we’ve used.

Oxford Aquatex Cover- M

Make sure you choose the right size for your bike!

Oxford Aquatex Cover- XL

Make sure you choose the right size for your bike!

Oxford Aquatex Cover- M with Topbox

If you’ve got a topbox make sure you buy a cover with the topbox part too otherwise it won’t fit properly!

Eurohike Utah Camp Bed

So good we bought a second! Folds away to a long thin shape that fits in a 65L backpack, it’s so comfortable especially for side sleepers.

Chrome Hologram Tape

We’ve used this tape to jazz up a bike and thought it would be peeling after a few months. To our surprise it’s still there over a year later! Adds a lovely shiny pop of colour.

Wheel Valve Caps

We love a bit of customisation, and with these wheel caps you can add a little colour. Just remember to put a little lubricant inside the thread before you put them on (or you’ll never get them off again!).

Mini Soap Sheets

These have been used at many camping events and are a great alternative to those who don’t like hand sanitiser. Just add a little water, rub and wash off- clean hands!

Bar End Mirrors

These are the bar end mirrors that Lindsay uses on her Z1000. They look the part and work, for a cheap price!

Mini Tooth Brushes

Used at camping events when space is at a premium, these little toothbrushes come in their own case to avoid contamination.

Amazon Prime

We swear by Amazon Prime! Getting last minute parts for our workshops (sometimes we have brain farts and forget to order crucial stuff…) means that prime has always been a lifesaver for us. There’s other things included with it such as films, TV shows, music, photo storage, books, Prime deals and more… but to be honest we value it for the free, quick deliveries more than anything else.

Using our link gets you a 30 day free trail (which can be cancelled at any point without charge- we used to do that in the past before we realised how useful it was for us all year round!) and we get a small commission towards our show running costs. Winner all round!