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Inspirational Speakers and Panel Talks
Seminar Host- Sophie McGinn
1020Steph Jeavons
1115Claire Lomas
1225Hayley Bell
1320Sallyha and Ruby talk/panel
1415Panel- Nimi/Sherrie/Zoe/Holly/Anna Mi
1530Elspeth Beard
1635The future of gear- Ina Lombard Motogirl
1720Jacqui Furneaux
1030First Aid For Bikers Class 1Judy Richter
1115Basic MaintenanceEllie Garner
1210Self Defence for WomenTiffany Coates
1300Tyre Safety with BridgestoneAlice Lewis
1340Intermediate maintenanceEllie Garner
1500First Aid For Bikers Class 2Judy Richter 
1540Basic MaintenanceEllie Garner
1645Self Defence for MenTiffany Coates
1740Intermediate maintenanceEllie Garner
Learner zone
1100Picking up a fallen bikeKerry Wright
1120How to set up a bike for off road ridingKerry Wright
1300Picking up a fallen bikeKerry Wright
1320Packing for AdventureKerry Wright
1600Picking up a fallen bikeKerry Wright
1620How to set up a bike for off road ridingKerry Wright
Small Business Tent
1200Mental ToughnessSarah Rudder
1330Bike DrawingLianne Hatcher
1530Mental ToughnessSarah Rudder
1700Bike DrawingLianne Hatcher
Biker Buddy Area
1100Biker YogaKate Harrington
1400Biker YogaKate Harrington
1500Biker YogaKate Harrington
1800Biker YogaKate Harrington
SUNDAY 0800Biker YogaKate Harrington
Ruroc Stage
Talks throughout the day
1600Raffle draw
Great Hall
1200Lesley as Boudicca
Camping Entertainment
2000Biddy Ronelle
2130DJ James Johnson- Americana
1930Rachel Chambers
2015DJ James Johnson- Party Hits

If you have time please can you fill in this survey for MCIA, which aims to understand rider behaviours to further their development of road safety issues and encourage safer riding. #trainriderepeat