Want to be Part of a Huge Community?

Smart companies realise the importance of women in the motorcycling world. They may have been underrepresented in the past but their numbers are growing rapidly and voices are being heard. We are aiming for biking equality for all bikers, regardless of gender.

We might be a small show, but we give a high quality audience who are receptive to those companies trying to make a change and develop the women’s market or relate to female motorcyclists more. If you want a presence at our show, let us know- we’ll support anyone that wants to support our mission to encourage, empower and break stereotypes.

Our venue is a gorgeous place to give a relaxed vibe, and we are encouraging everyone to make it a full day out with lots to see and do. This is not a ‘pile ’em high, sell ’em cheap’ kind of show. If you’re expecting that, perhaps we aren’t for you. But if you want to come and chat to a new community you might not have previously engaged with, in an informal atmosphere with sales based on being able to really interact with your customers, then we are certainly for you.

Prices are £35psqm (min 6sqm) for a grass based space. There’s no hidden corners as the circular ruins of the castle lend itself well to people walking all around. There’s interesting archaeology everywhere! Small business tabletops and charity rates are available along with headline sponsorship packages, and sponsorship options to suit all budgets. We’re a relaxed bunch, so talk anything through with us if you’re not sure. We’d love to create something special together!

Email info@womenmoto.co.uk for more details.