Gesto and Lane- Entrance Photographs

If you are coming by bike to the show we are going to be offering professional entrance photos for purchase, taken by the incredibly talent motorcycle videographers and photographers extraordinaire Gesto And Lane - A Motorcyclists Diary! They have been working on an amazing advert for our show and their attention to detail is second-to-none, so if you are after a special keepsake photo of you and your bike then you'd best scrub up!

Emma: Has been riding 32 years, starting out on trial type bikes and eventually swapping to super sports in my 30's. Got the bug from my mum who used to hitch hike around the country to watch the racing from the age of 17 (I crashed her bike into wall the first time I tried riding, endoed it and landed in a neighbours garden) Marshalled the Isle of Man in my teenage years and drunk the island dry

Carlos: always wanted a bike but strict Spanish parents stopped him....when he met me that changed and he got his first bike. Crashed his first bike spectacularly by bouncing through a field like a weeble in Cuenca, Spain then bought his current MT09.

And now we ride all over Europe wild camping and discovering new and beautiful scenery and posting it on YouTube - we film stock footage for the film industry and have some epic rides coming up in 2020. We're photographers/videographers by trade and will be filming and taking photos on the day so make sure you stop by and say hi.

YouTube channel link ----->
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Curvy Riders Motorcycle Club

Our 'Biker Buddy' area at The Women in Motorcycling Exhibition is designed as a social hub for ladies to come and meet new riding buddies and be inspired by other women out there on the roads.

Curvy Riders Motorcycle Club will be joining us in our Biker Buddy area so you can sign up to be a member on site!

"Curvy Riders MCC is a ladies only motorcycle club, run for lady bikers, by lady bikers.

With over 530 members across 28 regions in England, Wales and Scotland, we are the largest, farthest-reaching female-only motorcycle club in the UK.

We welcome all riders from total newbies to true veterans providing advice, support and encouragement within a friendly and inclusive environment.

Our friendly Regional Representatives organise ride-outs, trips away, training events and welcoming social occasions to bring our community together. As a member you can be affiliated with as many regions as you wish providing you with the flexibility needed to fit in with work, family or other personal commitments

Membership is open to all lady riders and would-be riders, and costs just £15 per year. This gives you access to official club events and ride-outs, associate membership of the BMF, club discounts, advice, support and most importantly friendship and lots of Curvy fun and laughs!

As a member you also have to opportunity to join up to 100 other members on our annual 3-day National trip which is simply not to be missed. The 2019 trip in Scotland was an extravaganza of biking, food and frolics.

The Women in Motorcycling Exhibition is the perfect opportunity to meet some of our lovely ladies and see how we can support you on your biking journey."

“I wanted to be a safer, better motorcyclist, but who could help me without judging or pressurising me? I joined the Wiltshire Curvy’s. Great decision - they supported and encouraged me on ‘bimbles’ through informal learning, fun AND of course access to cake. Sorted! I went from a poor ‘L’ to an Advanced motorcyclist with their backing all the way.” Margaret, Wiltshire Region

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Stoke and Bear Art

Jet Bailey (the artist behind Stoke and Bear) will be exhibiting at the show and her beautiful paintings and prints will be available to purchase! Best of all, most of them can be rolled and carried easily on a bike!

"Specializing in figurative painting and motorcycle art. Stoke and Bear Art was born out of a huge passion for painting and love of all things Motorcycle and retro related. I have a BA(hons) in Fine Art and specialise in oil painting.

I am especially interested in learning about the unique stories and faces of motorcycle builders, owners and riders around the world. My current body of work celebrates the determined and focused community of women in the motorcycle industry, as well as embracing the freedom and movement of machines.

My work focuses on women reclaiming their space in the motorcycle culture, by creating large scale portrait paintings that dominate interior spaces and envelop the viewer." Jet Bailey, Stoke and Bear


The Petite Pub

The Petite Pub is our gorgeous vintage Piaggio Ape which will be providing draught beer, cider and ale along with bottled options and many other pub staples such as wine and spirits. As an event which has links to riding, we are also currently working with non-alcoholic breweries to ensure we have some tasty options for those riding home! We have several covered indoor seating areas to enjoy your food and drinks in if the weather turns a bit damp


The Drawn Studio

Lou Sprockett creates original pencil drawings of both classic and contemporary motorcycles. These photorealistic drawings are made using just HB and 2B pencils, combining an insane level of detail and a trademark style of bold darks and light. Lou combines layers of shading and mark-making and the beauty of the untouched paper to create sensations of both solid form and light that might have you believing you’re looking at a photo, but these hyperrealistic images are filled with precise detail, texture, and reflections designed to invoke the passion that we have for the motorbike and the lifestyle it gives us.

Even more exciting, Lou has donated the ORIGINAL PENCIL DRAWING of ‘Keeping Up Tradition’ (first pic) WORTH £375 for our draw! This incredible piece will be put into our draw for all ticket holders (if you have bought 5 tickets, you have 5 chances to win) and the prize will be drawn LIVE at the show!

“A modern classic, this Royal Enfield Bullet Electra X encapsulates the history and passion of motorcycling and travel.
I photographed this motorbike at a busy motorcycle meeting and the reflections in the tank hint at the scene around it; a summer’s eve on a quayside, parked up for visitors to admire.”

HB and 2B pencil on heavyweight Daler-Rowney Cartridge paper and fixed with Daler-Rowney Colourless fixative and framed with non-reflective acrylic.


Keeping Up Tradition by Lou Sprockett
A Bright, Sunny Afternoon at the Malle Mile by Lou Sprockett
Riding on a Sunbeam by Lou Sprockett

Airvest (Helite)

Helite was founded in 2002 by Gérard Thevenot a French pioneer and entrepreneur in the light aircraft industry. His thirst for inventions and safety awareness pushed him into developing an airbag system for microlight users. He understood the need for this enhanced level of protection in other disciplines which led to the rapid expansion of Helite airbag technology into horse riding, motorcycling and other high-risk activities.

Airvest (the UK & Ireland distributor for Helite) is a Yorkshire based, family run, ‘specialist protection’ company, offering the world’s leading innovative safety equipment to a diverse market. We are passionate about preventing unnecessary serious injuries whenever we can. Our amazing ‘life-saving’ customer testimonials encourage us to continue furthering our knowledge and expertise and improving the safety standards with this exciting technology.

facebook @airvestltd

Instagram @helite_unitedkingdom

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Ginger and Blue

Ginger & Blue is a speciality coffee company in the back of a vintage '74 Renault Estafette van. "We have lovingly and as authentically as possible, turned our little van in to a mobile high end coffee shop. Quality equipment and design enables us to produce coffee like in any high street speciality coffee shop, but conveniently on wheels.

We are working closely with a Nottingham roaster, Stewart's of Trent Bridge, who roast all their beans in small batches, package by hand and pass on their fab knowledge. Currently we use a blend of theirs, however with seasonality and fear of becoming stale, this will change regularly throughout the year. All of our other drinks options, hot chocolate, chai, turmeric and tea to name a few, are all of similar quality. The premium hot chocolate we use is simply cocoa and a little sugar, and the turmeric elixir syrup is simply turmeric, ginger, vanilla and a little sweetener. These are just two examples of the products we use and how important the initial quality of our products are that come together to make our drinks.

Our menu isn't extensive or full of hot chocolates with all the frills, because for us, simplicity is key. Letting the coffee speak for itself through a classic coffee shop menu. It's important for us that all our drinks are available as a vegan option, at no extra cost. We use barista quality plant milks and source dairy free alternatives that are on par or arguably better than the 'original'. All of our packaging is either recycled and/or compostable, which is another key concept of our business. We enjoy and like to encourage a little bit of kindness to our planet on every purchase, whether it be the recycled cup, a cow milk oat milk swap or a vegan freshly baked treat from the counter."

They will also be open for all you happy campers

Este Van

Ridge Moto

"Providing motorcycle and lifestyle apparel to real females. We are not an afterthought, we are all unique.

Stylish designs for on and off the bike, built with comfort, durability and sustainability in mind.

As a female only brand, our focus never shifts from creating the perfect pieces for all the fierce female riders across the globe.
Available online, at events during the year and throughout our dealer network."


Ridge Moto have kindly donated their stylish charcoal hoody (first pic) for our draw, to be drawn live at the event!


Twitter: @RidgeMoto


Instagram: @RidgeMotoUK


Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF)

"The TRF exists to Conserve Green Roads in England and Wales. This is a multi faceted approach and one that our 5,000 members are passionate about.

We believe that every single trail rider can play their part in this every time they are out on their bike. It stems from attitudes, behaviours and actions right through to repair work and partnerships with authorities.

The first question most people ask themselves after they buy their first trail bike is "where can I ride?"
The TRF can help with that. All of our 5,000 members have been in the same shoes at some point. The network of trails that cross England and Wales are varied in their terrain, landscape, and difficulty. It great fun exploring them. But, one thing you will find is that they can be hard to find, and their legal status can change over time.
Fortunately the TRF has a wealth of information and help based around our members and local groups. We recommend starting by making contact with your local group. Most meet once a month and new members are welcome, and a lot also have their own Facebook Groups, websites and Forums that you can request to join. There's also the TRF Trail Website which is specifically designed as a Green Road resource for TRF members.

New members who make an effort to connect and say hello will find that they get the most out of the TRF networks around the country.

One of the appeals of trail riding is the ability to cover large areas of beautiful, remote countryside in a day or weekend. Trail riders use their bikes for adventure, to experience the rugged beauty of England and Wales often not accessed by other means of transport.

Rural business in these remote areas are reliant on visitor spend and trail riders form an important and valuable contribution to their economy.

Nationally it is estimated that 10,000 riders are actively riding throughout the year, each person purchasing, owning, maintaining at least one bike and associated equipment.

The TRF promote respectful and lawful trail riding on Green Roads across England and Wales.

Our core mission of Green Road conservation includes working with authorities if instances of nuisance or illegal riding occur.

Our work with police forces around the country encourages an approach that presents the TRF as way of learning where you can and can’t ride and what behaviours are suitable on Green Roads.

We believe that with the right approach Green Roads can be enjoyed by all users.

The TRF host events across the country throughout the year. These are a great way for members to meet new riders and access new trails guided by those who know them best.

There are long established events such as North Yorkshire’s Coast to Coast, or the Wessex Wanderer, as well more recent activities such as Northumbria’s Hadrian Adventure Weekend as well as displays at popular motorcycle and countryside exhibitions.

All TRF events are held within our ‘best practice’ framework. If you are interested in hosting a TRF event get in touch."

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Owls Nest Ride Out

The Mental Health Motorbike

Mental health is an issue that needs more openly discussing, so we are pleased to partner with Paul and his new venture Mental Health Motorbike who will be at the show with the bike itself and will be speaking to you about what he is aiming to do with the organisation.

"The Mental Health Motorbike is a new organisation providing mental health support to the biker community. We aim to increase the number of trained mental health first aiders by running training courses across the country in bike shops, clubs and for individuals. We also aim to setup a foundation which allows people recovering from mental health issues to take on challenges which break social isolation, increase self esteem and encourages them to be part of the Mental Health Motorbike network"