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Headline Show Sponsor

We are incredibly pleased and excited to welcome Enginehawk back as our headline show sponsors for the second year. Enginehawk are a leading UK motorcycle jacket brand who have developed their female lines based on advice and comments from real female riders and came out with some amazing designs. You may recall at our event last year the team gathered feedback on prototypes of their jackets, and using this information they refined the jackets and they are now available to buy!

We are so pleased to be sponsored by a brand that really listens to and understands the female biker market, and couldn’t think of a better partnership in helping to shake up the industry.

“British-born, and built by the founders and creators of Ruroc – Enginehawk was created to revolutionise the motorcycle industry and completely redefine what protective wear can be. The mission was simple, combine premium fashion styling and tailoring with the highest level of rider protection. Gear that looks and feels as good off the bike as it does on.

All of our jackets undergo rigorous and extensive safety testing to achieve optimal UKCA and CE approval ratings, with all jackets now featuring ultra-lightweight and flexible RHEON™ armour technology.

After year’s of development, we’re hugely excited to showcase the new Enginehawk Womens range, the Women in Moto Event will be the first chance to check out and try out the new leather and textile jackets for yourself.

As well as showcasing our new jacket line-up, we’ll have a selection of the Ruroc helmets on display – come and try out our next generation in the ATLAS 4.0.”


Motorcycle Funerals

Sponsor of the Biker Buddy Area

“Here at Motorcycle Funerals we create an alternative send off for everyone who wants to celebrate a life. Our fleet runs across the whole British Isles including the Channel Islands, Northern Ireland, Isle of Wight, Scottish Isles and the Isle of Man; regardless of weather, we will be there in rain or snow, with our weatherproof sidecar hearses. Even during the current pandemic, we have strived for funeral service excellence and travelled across the UK to make sure everyone has a safe, celebrated and dignified final journey.”

Whether you come to the show alone or with friends, we’d like to encourage everyone to come away from the show with new biker buddies. Biking is such a social activity, however some are nervous to approach others… and we understand! The Biker Buddy area is a social hub designed to initiate conversations and create new friendships. Sponsored once again by our friends at Motorcycle Funerals, they say that they chose this area to sponsor as we are united in both life and death by bikes and it’s a journey we all share.







Sponsor of the Inspirational Speakers Stage

” “Sorry mate, I didn’t see you” is a phrase we hear when we’re knocked off our bikes.

At SorryMate we have over twenty years of experience dealing with all types of motorbike accident claims. We know that having the right person represent you with your motorcycle accident claim can make a huge difference in the journey to recovery that follows a serious motorbike accident. If you would like to have a chat about your accident, call 0800 6300 301 or email enquiry@sorrymate.com

Sorrymate.com has always had a larger contingent of female riders than men, and so we are delighted to be part of this year’s event. We’re also pleased to announce that we are sponsoring Katie Walker who is continuing to impress everyone with her ability and results as did Jenny Tinmouth on her rise to success when we sponsored her.”


Honda is the number one motorcycle manufacturer in the UK with close to 100 dealerships covering On and Off Road Motorcycles across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Honda are delighted to be supporting Women in Motorcycling and will be at the show with a variety of bikes and to answer any questions you have and direct you to your local dealer. We will also be offering test rides on a number of models which are listed below:








CRF1100 Africa Twin

Please click on the link to make a booking to test ride one of the bikes.



“After getting a gold star for a drawing of the battle 1066 at junior school I realised I must be ok at something. Art and crafts has always been just a hobby until in my mid thirties I took up tattooing, I was hooked on it but there was always a niggle in the back of my head that I wanted to do art full time…slowly getting there I do more painting/drawing & crafts than I do tattooing now.

Using many mediums I favour watercolour, pen, pencil & pastel pencils. As you can see by the photos my main subjects are motorcycles, portraits & animals. I sell motorcycle greeting cards in quite a few motorcycle retail shops around the country and picking up commissions on the way. I work a few crafts stalls selling greeting cards, prints, original art and crochet crafts.

I’m a keen biker and have been riding for around 20 years now. Having various bikes I favour classic and naked bikes. I currently ride a BMW R45, a classic bike show winner too! I also have an RD350 which has been an on going side project for my husband for a few years now.”


The Petite Pub

The Petite Pub returns! Florence is our gorgeous vintage Piaggio Ape which will be providing draught beer, cider and lager along with bottled options and many other pub staples such as wine and spirits. We have several covered indoor seating areas to enjoy your food and drinks in if the weather turns a bit damp again!

Here We Ride

Lianne from Here We Ride creates powerful printed and embroidered pieces with strong messages celebrating women, perfect for our event. These will be available to buy and some of her work will be showcase in our walk through exhibition at the show. Lianne is also heading up our printmaking workshops for you to learn how to make your own prints to take home.

“I am a female creator, motorcycle rider and enthusiast. My work promotes female empowerment and female voice, and this most commonly manifests itself within the world of motorcycling. I love riding and have been doing so since I was 19 years old. Its something that has made me feel strong and brave, which is something I have always found challenging as a female. I have found that within the motorcycle community often women’s voices are not listened to or not heard. We are misrepresented and I aim to address that. I want to engage women to promote strength, courage, to be unconventional and to defy expectations.”

Insta @here_we_ride

Curvy Riders Motorcycle Club

Curvy Riders Motorcycle Club will be joining us once again so you can sign up to be a member on site!

“Curvy Riders MCC is a ladies only motorcycle club, run for lady bikers, by lady bikers.

With over 1000 members across 28 regions in England, Wales and Scotland, we are the largest, farthest-reaching female-only motorcycle club in the UK.

We welcome all riders from total newbies to true veterans providing advice, support and encouragement within a friendly and inclusive environment.

Our friendly Regional Representatives organise ride-outs, trips away, training events and welcoming social occasions to bring our community together. As a member you can be affiliated with as many regions as you wish providing you with the flexibility needed to fit in with work, family or other personal commitments

Membership is open to all lady riders and would-be riders, and costs just £15 per year. This gives you access to official club events and ride-outs, associate membership of the BMF, club discounts, advice, support and most importantly friendship and lots of Curvy fun and laughs!

As a member you also have to opportunity to join up to 100 other members on our annual 3-day National trip which is simply not to be missed. The 2019 trip in Scotland was an extravaganza of biking, food and frolics.

The Women in Motorcycling Exhibition is the perfect opportunity to meet some of our lovely ladies and see how we can support you on your biking journey.”


BikeTrac – Revolutionising Motorcycle Security

Motorcycle theft is sadly an ever-present threat to UK riders with no sign of this trend slowing. 

With a relatively limited choice of security products available on the market for many years, BikeTrac took action in 2009 launching a new and innovative tracking system that gave owners a new choice and increased the chances of hanging onto their pride and joy.

Developed by a team of active motorcyclists, BikeTrac was the first full-function tracking system to be designed specifically for motorcycles and not an adapted car-derived system. Small, discreet and lightweight, BikeTrac’s advantages were clear to see, and in its first year on the market successfully recovered over 90% of all equipped machines stolen.

Over a decade later and BikeTrac is the established market leader, impressively recovering over £10 million worth of machines since launch and now boasting Thatcham Category seven rating thanks to its multi-tier technology.

Featuring GPS, GPRS, GSM and RF technology, BikeTrac not only notifies the user should their bike be moved (via text, email and telephone call), but allows precise location data to be given to the authorities – crucial when requesting a Police search warrant. On top of these great functions, BikeTrac also boasts a close working relationship with the Securitas Group, who can attend the location of a stolen bike should police resources be stretched. 

But BikeTrac isn’t just about theft, it’s a great all-round tool too. Thanks to its 24/7 web portal an owner can log-in at any time to check battery voltage and even retrace the tracks of their last ride, download and even share. On top of this, BikeTrac also offers ‘owner controlled’ service scheduling and reminders too.

BikeTrac is officially licensed and endorsed by several manufacturers and retails for £299 plus a monthly or yearly subscription fee and fitment and can even be bought on 0% finances, even covering fitment and subscription. For more information on BikeTrac visit www.biketrac.co.uk


DocBike is a charity putting highly trained medics and emergency service personnel, at the forefront of motorcycle injury prevention. By signposting bikers to appropriate upskilling courses such as IAM RoadSmart and ROSPA and the provision of BikeSafe and BikerDown workshops, it is hoped to reduce biker casualties by bringing home the message of investing in yourself and taking ownership of your own safety.

‘Luke’s Legacy’

“Luke Van De Sande sadly lost his life in 2019 in a motorcycle accident. Luke was an experienced, enthusiastic motorcyclist, who enjoyed riding his bike whenever and wherever he could, just like you! Maybe if Luke had undertaken advanced rider training, just maybe, he would be here today.”


DocBike Staffordshire

Ridge Moto

Ridge Moto will be returning with an even bigger range in 2022! They have also kindly donated a Skull Hoody as a raffle prize- FREE entry for all ticket holders, drawn live on the day!

“RIDGΞ MOTO – Female Motorcycle and Lifestyle Apparel.
Our aim is to create fun, feminine garments to brighten up your riding wardrobe.
Stylish designs for on and off the bike, built with comfort, durability and sustainability in mind.

Created by female bikers – for female bikers!

Based in the UK, most of our products are hand finished and packaged in Worcestershire.
Available online, in stores across the UK and at various events throughout the year.”


FB & Insta @ridgemotouk

Twitter @ridgemoto

Staffs Lady Bikers (SSRP & Think Bike)

“We are a small team of female riders and pillions who contribute to the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) Motorcycle Focus Group, working in partnership to support a safer riding experience for women riders and pillions.  There is a wide range of ages and experience in the group, and we feel it’s important to represent the opinions and concerns of the increasing number of Lady Bikers.  We are not a ladies-only bike club and currently don’t arrange ride-outs, our focus is road safety.

Our objectives are to encourage women into motorcycle riding, especially women who want to ride their own bikes, and support rider development at all stages. Working with SSRP we support further training (including ladies-only days), through schemes such as BikeSense Rider Development, BikeSafe, Group Riding Schemes and First Aid Training. We offer advice on bike maintenance, attending events with our dedicated ‘Lady Biker’ stand at events around Staffordshire, including Bikers’ Breakfasts. We also offer safety advice for pillion riders.

There is a page dedicated to Lady Bikers on the Staffs Biker website at  http://www.staffsbiker.co.uk/ladybikers/ and we have Facebook and Instagram pages as ‘staffsladybikers’.  

Come along and have a chat to find out more, get some free stuff and maybe win an exclusive ‘Think Bike’ mug and ‘Staffs Lady Biker’ neck tube.  

If you are interested in any of our schemes or would like to be involved with what we do, then email us at bikers@staffordshire.gov.uk


A veteran of biking with 40yrs of riding beneath her belt, Judy is launching her ‘teeny weeny touring company’ CharlieFarleysBikeTours (Charlie Farley’s Bike Tours) here at the Women in Moto Exhibition this year!

Judy says “There are so many more women out there in the biking world now, and they are very competent – but not always so confident, and that was my initial focus for these bike tours.

I found that many lady riders, for whatever reasons, weren’t confident to push their own boundaries in regards to their biking.

I’m not sure if that’s an “I can’t do it” thought or a “You can’t do it” thought, because the industry STILL hasn’t fully embraced the fact that we women are here to stay, and stats tell us we ARE the more superior riders…hence my ‘You wish you RODE like a girl’ hoodies (on sale exclusively at the exhibition).

CharlieFarleysBikeTours is wholly inclusive and aims to support and encourage you through group riding to have experiences, extend your boundaries and gain confidence in your riding. We enjoy the scenery and keep to speed limits, all accommodations are arranged for you and all rides have a guide. You even meet the other riders before the tour!

A fully qualified First Aid Instructor and Travel Industry Lecturer Judy is just the ticket for your next adventures.

Our 2023 schedule is amazing – we have day rides, themed rides, pop up rides, our second Saturday Breakfast Club, Snowdonia, Northumberland, NC500, Silverstone BSB Tours, Whitby Goth Weekend, The Minnack Theatre and Penzance, Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania (Romania), The Canadian Rockies, Northern California (Coast and Desert) and others.”

See Judy at her stand and get your chance to WIN a Bike Tour for 2023!!

Ride and Defy

Having more women’s gear available is a huge step forward and a sign of the changes we are helping to push, and this year at our show in August it’s no different! We welcome back Ride and Defy to our show who have a huge selection of female gear available to try and buy at the event!

Ride and Defy are a female founded retailer dedicated to supplying the ultimate brands for woman who want to ride in style. Ride and Defy are proud to partner with the most innovative and reputable brands that share their ethos of style, comfort and most importantly protection. From the likes of Motogirl and Knox to Merlin and Black Arrow.

Their range of protective garments have been rigorously tested and conform to the latest UK standards for technical rating. Stocking a range of lifestyle apparel and accessories, they also have a wide range of t-shirts, raglans, windbreakers, socks, scarves and caps to complete your look.

Whether you are bike mad, an occasional rider, enjoy joining your partner or even friends on their bikes; Ride and Defy offers collections with edge, knowledge from friendly and impartial enthusiasts and encourage your passion for an adventurous lifestyle regardless of your gender.

Trail Riders Fellowship

The TRF is an organisation dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of legal trail riding in England and Wales. Its members have a wealth of knowledge and expertise or green road riding and conservation.

The first question most people ask themselves after they buy their first trail bike is “where can I ride?”

The TRF can help with that. All of our 5,000 members have been in the same shoes at some point. The network of trails that cross England and Wales are varied in their terrain, landscape, and difficulty. It great fun exploring them. But, one thing you will find is that they can be hard to find, and their legal status can change over time.

Fortunately, the TRF has a wealth of information and help based around our members and local groups. We recommend starting by making contact with your local group. Most meet once a month and new members are welcome, and a lot also have their own Facebook Groups, websites and Forums that you can request to join. There’s also the TRF Trail Website which is specifically designed as a Green Road resource for TRF members.

New members who make an effort to connect and say hello will find that they get the most out of the TRF networks around the country.



Laura started Women Only Motorcycle Training (WOMT) in 2016. She will also be heading up our Learner Zone at the event for you to ask any questions, whatever level and ability you are.

“I wanted to build a training platform that allowed women to learn to ride, or improve their skills in a safe environment, without judgement or being made to feel stupid or inadequate. I felt that the industry penalised women riders.”

Laura’s passion is for an emphasis on skill and technique, ensuring riders feel confident in their own ability. “The key is to not rush the basics. Giving students the knowledge, skills and more importantly the time to improve without feeling rushed or that they’re not good enough”

About Laura…

Laura passed her test in the Summer of 2012. Since then she has done thousands of riding miles, including advanced riding qualifications; IAM and RoSPA, co-lead tours on the continent with RMT Motorcycle Training and organised UK tours and Off-road experiences with WOMT.

It hasn’t always been easy though. After only 6 months of riding, she experienced her first accident and it crushed her confidence. Laura said “I had major anxiety about riding, struggled with negativity from other riders because after my crash, I rode too slow and as a result, I nearly gave it all up”. However she was encouraged to keep going by fellow Motorcycle Instructor and owner of RMT Motorcycle Training, Simon Hayes, who assured her, the way to keep safe was through further training. After a mindset shift, she eventually understood the benefits of training and realised, she could have done so much more to prevent her accident. This gave Laura a passion for both rider education and support for anyone who might be feeling the same as her.

Laura’s qualifications:
RoSPA Gold Badge Holder
IAM Advanced rider
CBT Instructor
DAS Instructor
ERS (Enhanced Rider Scheme) Instructor Advanced Instructor
European Tour Guide and Trainer


BMF (The British Motorcyclists Federation)

We welcome the BMF (The British Motorcyclists Federation) back as exhibitors at our show, with a great raffle prize of a joint BMF year’s membership and goody bag!

“The BMF exists to safeguard the rights of all British motorcyclists. The BMF is a well-respected, powerful lobbying group. We protect the UK’s motorcyclists from unnecessary interference by European, National, Local Government and anti-motorcycling campaign groups.

The BMF is a member of many UK government advisory groups and is also a key member of FEMA ( Federation of European Motorcyclists) Which works in Europe on issues that affect all motorcyclists, including us in the UK.

We have a fantastic community, made up of individual members and motorcycle clubs, for whom we provide support and advice by phone, email and social media. We also organise excellent events.

Campaigning for riders’ rights

The BMF is one of the largest rider groups in the world and has existed since the 1960s. We are a non-profit organisation run by elected volunteers, providing motorcyclists with a voice through specialist lobbyists and a network of volunteers across the UK.

The BMF successfully campaigns on issues that directly affect the liberty, safety and security of motorcyclists.

A love of motorcycling

The BMF is managed by women and men like you; people who love motorcycling. No matter what they ride, our members want to be able to continue to ride motorcycles in the ways they enjoy.

We all want to ensure our children and grandchildren will have the opportunity to enjoy riding in the future. As a non-profit organisation, we rely on our members for funding and support.

Come over and have a chat!

Looking forward to meeting you all there!”



Our latest exhibitors MotoArt explain why they will be an asset at our event in August:

“MotoArt is a family business located in Warwick in the heart of Shakespeare country.

We specialise in tyre care and repair products for motorcycles, and we also offer a range of other motorcycle accessories including lighting, communication systems and tools.

We’ve recently launched The Motoflator, the world’s smallest 12 volt tyre inflator with a built-in gauge, designed by us in the UK and manufactured exclusively for us in Taiwan. It will be on sale at our stand where you can experience it hands-on for yourself.

We will also be giving demonstrations of our tyre repair kits from Dynaplug and Stop ‘n’ Go, and you will be able to try them out and see just how easy it is to fix a puncture yourself rather than having to wait for assistance.

If you’d like to know more about us and our range of products, please visit our website www.motoartuk.com

Army Diversity Engagement Team

The Diversity Engagement team plus other women from the Army will be attending our event to break down barriers, dispel myths about women in the army and to show that the army values its women and understands that it must foster a more inclusive culture.

“The British Army is a unique national institution, constantly evolving to meet and defeat the challenges facing the Future Soldier. Through uncertain times, rapid technological change and the shifting ways of war, we can depend on the British Army to protect our nation, successfully execute on operations and be ready for the next challenge at home or overseas. We’re prepared to do what others can’t or won’t.

We’re a modernising, battle-ready Land force that is resilient, innovative and productive. We’re able to

respond to national security situations in real-time with agility, ingenuity and cutting-edge

technologies. We know that we achieve more together so we will integrate deeper across Defence, with industry partners and our trusted allies, against our adversaries. We believe that our people are our Army. We celebrate their diverse minds and backgrounds and commit daily to foster an inclusive culture where everybody feels that they belong. We understand that individual respect is the foundation of our dynamic team and our famous fighting spirit.

As a whole force of professionals, we set ourselves the highest standards and everything we do

reflects our core values, striving to ‘be the best’ and make our nation proud.

We will be around to talk and engage with all throughout the weekend as everyone attending is a valued member of society.”


“Moto-Mate Ltd is a small business driven by passion and high quality products, we are dedicated motorcyclists, we are NOT a box shifting warehouse operation. We have selected and in certain cases developed products that we believe work together and offer a benefit to our customers.

We offer lights, from both Denali Electronics and Gooeylight along with horns and CAN bus controllers from Denali. If comms and music on the move are your thing, check out the new range from Cardo. If you are concerned about security, we can supply trackers from Moni Moto or BikeTrac and as a certified installer for BikeTrac you can benefit from discounted insurance. If you are looking for a raised navigation mount then come along and chat to us as we have a few and number models in development.

Aside from offering top class products we support all of our customers with a UK wide mobile installation service so whether it’s a Denali setup or a BikeTrac tracker you are looking for we can provide and install at your location whilst you get on with your day.

Stop by and say hi!”