Enginehawk & Ruroc

Headline Sponsors

Ruroc and Enginehawk are sister brands that are dominating the world of protective motorcycle gear. The collective mission for the brands is to save lives both on and off the bike. Born in 2010 the Ruroc brand has posted consistent triple digit growth for the last 5 years and is the fastest growing motorcycle helmet brand in the world. Enginehawk debuted to the world in April 2021 and posted opening day revenues in excess of $1m making it arguably the fastest growing motorcycle protective apparel brand in the world. With over 2 million social media fans and followers worldwide the brands together have the largest social reach and engagement of any protective gear brands in the entire motorcycle industry.

Motorcycle Funerals Limited

Biker Buddy Area Sponsors

Motorcycle Funerals Limited will be joining us as exhibitors and sponsors of our Biker Buddy area- a social hub and meeting point- at the show. Whilst most of us never wish to think about planning a funeral, a motorcycle hearse can be a better fitting send-off for some.

MD Marian Sinclair states- “Founded by my late husband The Reverend Paul Sinclair. We serve Nationally- England, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight. We serve bikers and non-bikers, people from all walks of life. We are passionate about excellence in service. We offer a memorable journey, a dignified final ride.

I have chosen to sponsor the Biker Buddy area because I don’t believe any of us are an Island. I am passionate about well-being and most of all, I believe it is a very worthy cause.”






Royal Enfield (Including Test Rides)

The oldest motorcycle brand in continuous production, Royal Enfield made its first motorcycle in 1901. While Royal Enfield’s roots are British, its soul is Indian. This cultural mix is reflected in their motorcycles which are a joint labour of love between the European headquarters in Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire, where their purpose built state of the art Research & Development works in tandem with the company’s other technical centre in Chennai, India.

Royal Enfield has enjoyed exponential growth over the past five years and the brand is now a key player in the global mid-size motorcycle market. Looking ahead, Royal Enfield will remain focused and committed to their core mission; to reinvent the mid-sized space with the production of motorcycles that are evocative, accessible and above all, great fun to ride. 

We are pleased to be working in partnership with Royal Enfield to offer test rides of the Meteor 350 and the Himalayan at our event. For more information click here.

F  fb.com/royalenfield

twitter.png twitter.com/royalenfield

W royalenfield.com

Gesto and Lane- Entrance Photographs

Gesto and Lane are no longer able to attend so we unfortunately will not be able to offer the posed entrance photos for sale.

Curvy Riders Motorcycle Club

Our ‘Biker Buddy’ area at The Women in Motorcycling Exhibition is designed as a social hub for ladies to come and meet new riding buddies and be inspired by other women out there on the roads.

Curvy Riders Motorcycle Club will be joining us in our Biker Buddy area so you can sign up to be a member on site!

“Curvy Riders MCC is a ladies only motorcycle club, run for lady bikers, by lady bikers.

With over 530 members across 28 regions in England, Wales and Scotland, we are the largest, farthest-reaching female-only motorcycle club in the UK.

We welcome all riders from total newbies to true veterans providing advice, support and encouragement within a friendly and inclusive environment.

Our friendly Regional Representatives organise ride-outs, trips away, training events and welcoming social occasions to bring our community together. As a member you can be affiliated with as many regions as you wish providing you with the flexibility needed to fit in with work, family or other personal commitments

Membership is open to all lady riders and would-be riders, and costs just £15 per year. This gives you access to official club events and ride-outs, associate membership of the BMF, club discounts, advice, support and most importantly friendship and lots of Curvy fun and laughs!

As a member you also have to opportunity to join up to 100 other members on our annual 3-day National trip which is simply not to be missed. The 2019 trip in Scotland was an extravaganza of biking, food and frolics.

The Women in Motorcycling Exhibition is the perfect opportunity to meet some of our lovely ladies and see how we can support you on your biking journey.”


“After getting a gold star for a drawing of the battle 1066 at junior school I realised I must be ok at something. Art and crafts has always been just a hobby until in my mid thirties I took up tattooing, I was hooked on it but there was always a niggle in the back of my head that I wanted to do art full time…slowly getting there I do more painting/drawing & crafts than I do tattooing now.

Using many mediums I favour watercolour, pen, pencil & pastel pencils. As you can see by the photos my main subjects are motorcycles, portraits & animals. I sell motorcycle greeting cards in quite a few motorcycle retail shops around the country and picking up commissions on the way. I work a few crafts stalls selling greeting cards, prints, original art and crochet crafts.

I’m a keen biker and have been riding for around 20 years now. Having various bikes I favour classic and naked bikes. I currently ride a BMW R45, a classic bike show winner too! I also have an RD350 which has been an on going side project for my husband for a few years now.”


The Petite Pub

The Petite Pub is our gorgeous vintage Piaggio Ape which will be providing draught beer, cider and lager along with bottled options and many other pub staples such as wine and spirits. We have several covered indoor seating areas to enjoy your food and drinks in if the weather turns a bit damp!

Helite UK

Helite was founded in 2002 by Gérard Thevenot a French pioneer and entrepreneur in the light aircraft industry. His thirst for inventions and safety awareness pushed him into developing an airbag system for microlight users. He understood the need for this enhanced level of protection in other disciplines which led to the rapid expansion of Helite airbag technology into horse riding, motorcycling and other high-risk activities.

Airvest (the UK & Ireland distributor for Helite) is a Yorkshire based, family run, ‘specialist protection’ company, offering the world’s leading innovative safety equipment to a diverse market. We are passionate about preventing unnecessary serious injuries whenever we can. Our amazing ‘life-saving’ customer testimonials encourage us to continue furthering our knowledge and expertise and improving the safety standards with this exciting technology.

Instagram @helite_unitedkingdom


Ginger and Blue

Ginger & Blue is a speciality coffee company in the back of a vintage ’74 Renault Estafette van. “We have lovingly and as authentically as possible, turned our little van in to a mobile high end coffee shop. Quality equipment and design enables us to produce coffee like in any high street speciality coffee shop, but conveniently on wheels.

We are working closely with a Nottingham roaster, Stewart’s of Trent Bridge, who roast all their beans in small batches, package by hand and pass on their fab knowledge. Currently we use a blend of theirs, however with seasonality and fear of becoming stale, this will change regularly throughout the year. All of our other drinks options, hot chocolate, chai, turmeric and tea to name a few, are all of similar quality. The premium hot chocolate we use is simply cocoa and a little sugar, and the turmeric elixir syrup is simply turmeric, ginger, vanilla and a little sweetener. These are just two examples of the products we use and how important the initial quality of our products are that come together to make our drinks.

Our menu isn’t extensive or full of hot chocolates with all the frills, because for us, simplicity is key. Letting the coffee speak for itself through a classic coffee shop menu. It’s important for us that all our drinks are available as a vegan option, at no extra cost. We use barista quality plant milks and source dairy free alternatives that are on par or arguably better than the ‘original’. All of our packaging is either recycled and/or compostable, which is another key concept of our business. We enjoy and like to encourage a little bit of kindness to our planet on every purchase, whether it be the recycled cup, a cow milk oat milk swap or a vegan freshly baked treat from the counter.”

They will also be open for all you happy campers!

Ridge Moto

“Providing motorcycle and lifestyle apparel to real females. We are not an afterthought, we are all unique.

Stylish designs for on and off the bike, built with comfort, durability and sustainability in mind.As a female only brand, our focus never shifts from creating the perfect pieces for all the fierce female riders across the globe.
Available online, at events during the year and throughout our dealer network.”


Ridge Moto have kindly donated their stylish charcoal hoody (first pic) for our draw, to be drawn live at the event!

Twitter: @RidgeMoto

Instagram: @RidgeMotoUK

Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF)

“The TRF exists to Conserve Green Roads in England and Wales. This is a multi faceted approach and one that our 5,000 members are passionate about.

We believe that every single trail rider can play their part in this every time they are out on their bike. It stems from attitudes, behaviours and actions right through to repair work and partnerships with authorities.The first question most people ask themselves after they buy their first trail bike is “where can I ride?”
The TRF can help with that. All of our 5,000 members have been in the same shoes at some point. The network of trails that cross England and Wales are varied in their terrain, landscape, and difficulty. It great fun exploring them. But, one thing you will find is that they can be hard to find, and their legal status can change over time.
Fortunately the TRF has a wealth of information and help based around our members and local groups. We recommend starting by making contact with your local group. Most meet once a month and new members are welcome, and a lot also have their own Facebook Groups, websites and Forums that you can request to join. There’s also the TRF Trail Website which is specifically designed as a Green Road resource for TRF members.

New members who make an effort to connect and say hello will find that they get the most out of the TRF networks around the country.

One of the appeals of trail riding is the ability to cover large areas of beautiful, remote countryside in a day or weekend. Trail riders use their bikes for adventure, to experience the rugged beauty of England and Wales often not accessed by other means of transport.

Rural business in these remote areas are reliant on visitor spend and trail riders form an important and valuable contribution to their economy.

Nationally it is estimated that 10,000 riders are actively riding throughout the year, each person purchasing, owning, maintaining at least one bike and associated equipment.

The TRF promote respectful and lawful trail riding on Green Roads across England and Wales.

Our core mission of Green Road conservation includes working with authorities if instances of nuisance or illegal riding occur.

Our work with police forces around the country encourages an approach that presents the TRF as way of learning where you can and can’t ride and what behaviours are suitable on Green Roads.

We believe that with the right approach Green Roads can be enjoyed by all users.

The TRF host events across the country throughout the year. These are a great way for members to meet new riders and access new trails guided by those who know them best.

There are long established events such as North Yorkshire’s Coast to Coast, or the Wessex Wanderer, as well more recent activities such as Northumbria’s Hadrian Adventure Weekend as well as displays at popular motorcycle and countryside exhibitions.

All TRF events are held within our ‘best practice’ framework. If you are interested in hosting a TRF event get in touch.”

Mental Health Motorbike (MHM)

Mental health is an issue that needs more openly discussing, so we are pleased to partner with Paul and his new venture Mental Health Motorbike who will be at the show with the bike itself and will be speaking to you about what he is aiming to do with the organisation.

“The Mental Health Motorbike is a new organisation providing mental health support to the biker community. We aim to increase the number of trained mental health first aiders by running training courses across the country in bike shops, clubs and for individuals. We also aim to setup a foundation which allows people recovering from mental health issues to take on challenges which break social isolation, increase self esteem and encourages them to be part of the Mental Health Motorbike network”

Ride and Defy

Ride and Defy is dedicated to supplying the ultimate brands for defiantly adventurous women. Ride and Defy don’t think you should have to compromise your style when it comes to protective motorbike gear!

Founded by like-minded motorbike and action sports enthusiasts, they were fed up of seeing unflattering motorbike clothing that offered little style…but more often or not featured gorgeous pink embroided flowers! They wanted to hook you up with their favourite brands! So here they are!

They offer the latest innovative brands that produce fully certified and rigorously tested motorbike gear which provide comfort, style and protection. Whether you’re bike mad, an occasional rider, enjoy joining your partner or even friends on their bikes; Ride and Defy offers collections with edge, knowledge from friendly and impartial enthusiasts and encourage your passion for an adventurous lifestyle regardless of your gender!


The Women’s International Motorcycle Association (WIMA) is a unique organisation for all women interested in any aspect of motorcycling. WIMA was founded in America by Louise Scherbyn in 1950, and believed to have been introduced to Britain in the early 1950’s. The aim of the Association was, and still is, “To support and encourage the sport of motorcycling amongst women”. There are 33 international divisions, and growing, who host a rally in turn each year, as well as local national rallies. WIMA GB hosted 226 national and international members at their international rally in the Peak District in 2019, with members from all of Europe, Korea, Japan, Australia and Curacao, to mention a few.


Bridgestone Motorcycle will be exhibiting at our show and their Marketing Coordinator Alice Lewis will be offering tyre safety workshops. Bridgestone is vowing to keep scores of female motorcyclists on track when it brings its premium products to life and provides expert safety advice at The Women in Motorcycling Exhibition.

For the first time, Bridgestone will be exhibiting at the event on Saturday August 21 at Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire. The Women in Motorcycling Exhibition brings together experienced riders, learners and those looking to start, which is what appealed to Bridgestone when agreeing to be an official exhibitor. A special tyre safety workshop will be organised by Bridgestone to demonstrate how its portfolio of products perform for different bikes in different conditions – and the technology that goes into each tyre compound.

Commuters, pleasure riders, racers and tourers will all be of interest to Bridgestone, which boasts a range of premium products to suit each and every rider and their bike. The company continues to put its many years of top level road racing competition experience to emphatic use, creating some of its best performing products to date, which will be showcased at the event. And with only two contact points keeping bikers and their machines from the tarmac, the importance of premium tyres will be brought to life at an informative safety workshop during the day.

Bridgestone’s Motorcycle Marketing Coordinator Alice Lewis said: “We are thrilled to be attending The Women in Motorcycling Exhibition for the first time and we look forward to meeting so many female biking enthusiasts. “It’s the perfect audience for us, which we feel will benefit from our presence as we offer some simple tyre maintenance tips as well as advice on the right products for their bikes. We hope that it is the beginning of a special relationship for us.”

Show organiser Lindsay Atkinson said: “When Bridgestone agreed to partner with us to produce content that would interest our audience, we were absolutely thrilled. They have demonstrated their understanding of this crucial market and therefore make the perfect partnership for our launch event.” For more information about Bridgestone’s range of motorcycle products, visit http://www.bridgestone.co.uk/motorcycle-tyres

Bridgestone Tires Bridgestone Bridgestone Moto

Anmar Leathers

Here’s a little bit about the stylish goods available from founder Marlene: “As an urban female rider, you want to look good on as well as off the bike. The motorcycle market has evolved significantly in the last five years, and you are now able to get a variety of protective clothing that looks highly fashionable. To add to this look I have designed and made a range of unique leather bracelets and watch straps. Leather’s breathability and flexibility makes it much more comfortable to wear under cuffs and gloves. It doesn’t hurt or get as sweaty as metals and some other materials.

But what about bags? A backpack is not exactly the most stylish accompaniment to a stylish outfit, so unless you can drop a handbag in a top box you can’t exactly carry a handbag. Although the market offers a variety of nice saddle bags, leaving a bag on your bike isn’t ideal in an urban area as they unfortunately get stolen. Riding into work every day I have 10 mins to get my bike locked up and look presentable when I walk into work. I found myself spending a lot of unnecessary time sorting out bags and straps on my bike. I started using a backpack so that I could get off the bike quicker, but I was a bit concerned about the safety aspect of carrying a backpack. I wanted a saddle bag I could quickly detach and use as a handbag or a handbag I could easily fix to my bike. After trial and error on various adaptations of saddle bags I decided to make my own bag and so the Saddle 2 Shoulder bag range was developed. Now you can enjoy your ride without the hassle.

Every bracelet, watch strap, bag or wallet is entirely handmade – old school style quality leather. The bags are lined with a Cordura-type waterproof canvas and straps are reinforced with nylon webbing to give them extra durability on the bike.” Find more info on Instagram @anmar_crafts and Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/AnmarCrafts

SSCBB (Shropshire Staffordshire Cheshire Blood Bikes)

We have the local Blood Bikes division- Shropshire Staffordshire Cheshire Blood Bikes (SSCBB)- fundraising at our event in August!

SSCBB, a registered charity, was established in 2014 and covers an extensive geographic area, some 6,543 sq.km in Shropshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire. In 2020 they travelled 269,888 miles and completed 5462 jobs. In 2018 they were given the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.

They are a volunteer service providing free, out of hours, urgent transportation of life saving medical supplies to N.H.S. hospitals across the 3 counties. Their aim is to provide a professional service which supports the NHS in enhancing patient care. Their experienced advanced motorcycle riders can negotiate traffic to save not only money but vital minutes when time is of the essence!

Blood Bikes transport blood, platelets, various test samples, frozen breast milk, fmt, bone marrow as well as patient records and medical equipment. During the Covid pandemic, they were called upon to transport Covid samples, PPE, pulse oximeters and other vital equipment. They are all volunteers giving their time freely in service of our local communities. The Riders have all obtained advanced rider status and their Controllers are trained to act efficiently and respond urgently to requests from our hospitals. They routinely dispatch riders within minutes of a request for assistance. The fundraisers and the speaker team complete the Blood Bikes family.

The purchase, running and maintaining of group bikes is the main outlay and they rely on fundraising, donations and sponsorships to cover these costs.


Facebook: @StaffordshireBloodBikes

Twitter: @Staffsbloodbike

The Patch Lady

Buy fun patches and get them sewn on live at the event by The Patch Lady!

“Ever since I was a kid, I have enjoyed various arts and crafts and I studied textiles at school. As an adult I enjoy sewing and began attending craft fairs to sell my products.
A few years ago, I booked onto what I thought was a craft fair, but when I arrived, I realised it was actually a bike rally. I had my sewing machine with me and someone asked if I could sew a patch onto his cut, so I had a go at it and managed to do a good job and by the end of the day I’d sewn on quite a few!

Fast forward a few years and I’ve been to many different rallies and events selling and sewing on patches. That first rally turned out to be a very happy accident that opened the door to a whole new world for me that I love being a part of.”


Laura started Women Only Motorcycle Training (WOMT) in 2016. “I wanted to build a training platform that allowed women to learn to ride, or improve their skills in a safe environment, without judgement or being made to feel stupid or inadequate. I felt that the industry penalised women riders.”

Laura’s passion is for an emphasis on skill and technique, ensuring riders feel confident in their own ability. “The key is to not rush the basics. Giving students the knowledge, skills and more importantly the time to improve without feeling rushed or that they’re not good enough”

About Laura…

Laura passed her test in the Summer of 2012. Since then she has done thousands of riding miles, including advanced riding qualifications; IAM and RoSPA, co-lead tours on the continent with RMT Motorcycle Training and organised UK tours and Off-road experiences with WOMT.

It hasn’t always been easy though. After only 6 months of riding, she experienced her first accident and it crushed her confidence. Laura said “I had major anxiety about riding, struggled with negativity from other riders because after my crash, I rode too slow and as a result, I nearly gave it all up”. However she was encouraged to keep going by fellow Motorcycle Instructor and owner of RMT Motorcycle Training, Simon Hayes, who assured her, the way to keep safe was through further training. After a mindset shift, she eventually understood the benefits of training and realised, she could have done so much more to prevent her accident. This gave Laura a passion for both rider education and support for anyone who might be feeling the same as her.

Laura’s qualifications:
RoSPA Gold Badge Holder
IAM Advanced rider
CBT Instructor
DAS Instructor
ERS (Enhanced Rider Scheme) Instructor Advanced Instructor
European Tour Guide and Trainer


Here We Ride

We are so excited to be able to bring you the hot new talent of Here We Ride to our show! Lianne creates powerful printed and embroidered pieces with strong messages celebrating women, perfect for our event. These will be available to buy and some of her work will be showcase in our walk through exhibition at the show. Lianne is also heading up our drawing workshops for you to get to grips with the intricacies of motorbike and women-inspired art.

“I am a female creator, motorcycle rider and enthusiast. My work promotes female empowerment and female voice, and this most commonly manifests itself within the world of motorcycling. I love riding and have been doing so since I was 19 years old. Its something that has made me feel strong and brave, which is something I have always found challenging as a female. I have found that within the motorcycle community often women’s voices are not listened to or not heard. We are misrepresented and I aim to address that. I want to engage women to promote strength, courage, to be unconventional and to defy expectations.”

Insta @here_we_ride


MotoGirl are teaming up with Ride and Defy to bring you a bigger selection of ladies’ moto clothing to our show! From their famous leggings to the new summer jacket they will be bringing a great range of gorgeous designs for you to try and buy!

“Established in 2015, MotoGirl set out to bring female riders safe, comfortable and stylish riding gear. We saw too many ladies wearing ill fitting or second hand gear and knew something needed to change. Over 5 years and multiple products later, MotoGirl is now available worldwide in 18 countries and over 200 stores! Our clothing is available in UK sizes 4-28 and our trousers come in 3 different leg lengths meaning there is something for every shape and size.

The safety of our clothing is always at the forefront here and we are extremely proud of all our protective wear being UKCA & CE Approved, including our Sherrie Leggings which are the first AAA Class leggings on the market. At the start of 2021 we moved into larger premises in Tonbridge, UK. This means we now have a large retail area for ladies to come and shop, relax and ask us any questions they have regarding sizing and safety. The kettle is always on!”


Staffs Lady Bikers (SSRP)

“We are a small team of female riders and pillions who contribute to the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) Motorcycle Focus Group, working in partnership to support a safer riding experience for women riders and pillions.

There’s a wide range of ages and experience in the group, and we feel it’s important to represent the opinions and concerns of the increasing number of Lady Bikers. We are not a ladies-only bike club and at this time don’t arrange ride-outs, our focus is road safety.
Our objectives are to encourage women into motorcycle riding, especially women who want to ride their own bikes, and support rider development at all stages. Working with SSRP we support further training (including women-only days), through schemes such as BikeSense, BikeSafe, Group Riding Schemes and First Aid. We offer advice on bike maintenance, attending events with our dedicated ‘Lady Biker’ stand at events around Staffordshire, including Bikers’ Breakfasts. We also offer safety advice for pillion riders.
There is a page dedicated to Lady Bikers on the Staffs Biker website at http://www.staffsbiker.co.uk/ladybikers/ and we have Facebook and Instagram pages as ‘staffsladybikers’.

Come along and have a chat to find out more, get some free stuff and maybe win an exclusive ‘Think Bike’ mug and ‘Staffs Lady Biker’ neck tube.

If you’re interested in any of our schemes or would like to be involved with what we do, then email us at bikers@staffordshire.gov.uk”


BikeTrac – Revolutionising Motorcycle Security

Motorcycle theft is sadly an ever-present threat to UK riders with no sign of this trend slowing. 

With a relatively limited choice of security products available on the market for many years, BikeTrac took action in 2009 launching a new and innovative tracking system that gave owners a new choice and increased the chances of hanging onto their pride and joy.

Developed by a team of active motorcyclists, BikeTrac was the first full-function tracking system to be designed specifically for motorcycles and not an adapted car-derived system. Small, discreet and lightweight, BikeTrac’s advantages were clear to see, and in its first year on the market successfully recovered over 90% of all equipped machines stolen.

Over a decade later and BikeTrac is the established market leader, impressively recovering over £10 million worth of machines since launch and now boasting Thatcham Category seven rating thanks to its multi-tier technology.

Featuring GPS, GPRS, GSM and RF technology, BikeTrac not only notifies the user should their bike be moved (via text, email and telephone call), but allows precise location data to be given to the authorities – crucial when requesting a Police search warrant. On top of these great functions, BikeTrac also boasts a close working relationship with the Securitas Group, who can attend the location of a stolen bike should police resources be stretched. 

But BikeTrac isn’t just about theft, it’s a great all-round tool too. Thanks to its 24/7 web portal an owner can log-in at any time to check battery voltage and even retrace the tracks of their last ride, download and even share. On top of this, BikeTrac also offers ‘owner controlled’ service scheduling and reminders too.

BikeTrac is officially licensed and endorsed by several manufacturers and retails for £299 plus a monthly or yearly subscription fee and fitment and can even be bought on 0% finances, even covering fitment and subscription. For more information on BikeTrac visit www.biketrac.co.uk


“BHP UK is amongst a handful of companies in Europe that genuinely write & develop our own remaps in house.

The motorcycle ECU is now very sophisticated and not only controls every aspect of engine function including, air fuel ratio (AFR), spark advance and closed loop lambda systems, it also has limiters programmed that will limit the power output of the engine. ECU remapping is the way to really unleash the true potential of your motorcycle. All our motorcycle remaps are developed in house and tested on our Dynojet dynamometer before being tested on the road to ensure they work in the real world, and not just in a test facility. A BHP UK remap on your motorcycle will:

• Increase power

• Eliminate flat spots

• Improve throttle response

• Optimise any modifications

At the heart of Head Office and Development Centre are our car and motorcycle Dynojet dynamometers.

Our motorcycle dyno is a Dynojet 250i which is the industry standard when it comes to motorcycle testing. It comes as no surprise that the 250i is the dyno of choice for many motorcycle manufacturers.

We also have a Dynojet 424xLC2 Linx for the cars which allows us to test and data log both 4WD and 2WD cars without damaging the differentials, activating intrusive stability control systems or trigger the advance traction control systems on modern 2WD cars.”