Inspirational Speakers

The Inspirational Speaker Stage is where we bring together the best, most inspiring women from the world of motorcycling to share their passionate stories. From the women winning races to extraordinary solo tourers, we cover a range of motorcycling styles and have a story to inspire anyone. Our speaker line up is updated all the time, so check back soon for more!

Deborah Penny

Women in Today’s Army

WO2 (SQMS) DC Penny is from the Army Diversity Engagement Team. A keen motorcyclist herself, Deborah realised that there were many active Army members that were also bikers and there is a synergy between the two.

The presentation she will be giving is on Women in Today’s Army. “A short presentation on women in the army, past and present, to show the changes that are happening to champion women. It is not about recruiting but breaking down myths and misconceptions.”

Mary Sievier

‘Mary Motorcycle’

We’d like to introduce you to ‘Mary Motorcycle’. Now seen as the first British female to motorcycle around the world, her achievement does not lessen Elspeth’s incredible journey and serves to show that there are still many undiscovered pioneering women.

“At the age of 26, 10 years after leaving school in Chichester with 3 GCEs (and not cookery, needlework and Religious knowledge), having had a multitude of jobs and lived and worked in various countries (France, Jersey CI, Israel as well as the UK), Mary Sievier bought a 2nd hand BSA Bantam 175cc motorbike to go to Russia, when that country was celebrating its 50th anniversary after the Revolution.

Intourist “were unable to confirm the possibility to travel there by motor-bike which might be extremely difficult because of the great distances involved”. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and undeterred, Mary declared she would show those ‘bloody Reds’ what distances were and she would go to India! And thus began, totally unintended and by default, her journey of setting off to see the world, which entailed working in Istanbul for 6 months, Kabul Afghanistan for 2 years, with jobs in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and eventually Hong Kong. There her future husband nagged, bullied and persuaded a very unenthusiastic Mary to finish her Round the World journey, which she did by riding across the States and returning with the bike in 1976, nearly 9 years after leaving. Scarred shins and knees, a very proud owner of a well worn Bantam, and of course, with a Bloody Sore Arse!

Mary in her presentation will reveal slides of Afghanistan of 1968-70, the likes of which you may never have seen; the road from Perth to Darwin before it was all tarred; stories of being mistaken for a 6′ tall man, how those sought to assess her gender and recognised she was female. And how she was ‘found’ on Facebook at the end of April 2021 by an Australian woman who was convinced Mary was the first British woman to motorcycle round the world alone from reading about her exploits round Australia in the national newspapers, when she was called Mary Motorcycle because no one could spell nor pronounce her maiden name Sievier!”

Lisa Thomas

Good Girls go to Heaven, Bad Girls go Everywhere

Lisa Thomas, is one half of 2ridetheworld with her husband Simon.

“On a wet and windy UK summer morning the two of us made a decision that would change our lives. After years of compromise in the corporate world, of spread-sheets, pointless meetings and life sucking commutes, we craved a change and a chance to write our own life story. As a couple, we wanted to step out of our comforts zones, face our fears and loosen our grip on the ‘control’ we’d always thought we’d needed, to be successful. There is restlessness and a curiosity in us both, that’s always driven us to explore around the next bend and peak over the horizon. It was time to let loose!

Our 17-year overland adventure has surpassed every crazy, scary, exhilarating, beautiful and overwhelming expectation we ever had. Riding side-by-side we’ve ridden from the most northerly parts of Scandinavia to the the southerly fringes of Patagonia and criss-crossed 6 continents. Along the way, we’ve put our lives in each others hands and lived more than either of us ever dared to imagine. We have proven that together that there is no challenge we cannot rise to, learn from and overcome. After 500,000 miles we have redefined in our own minds, the definition of success, and crucially even happiness.”

Lisa will present “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere – Two decades of life on the road”

Lisa, who after riding 507,000 miles and spending 17-years on the road is by far one of the most extreme and accomplished adventure riders in the planet. She will be sharing her unique perspective of what it means to be an empowered women on the road and sharing with us the highs and lows of taking on some of the most remote and rugged regions on earth. From forging a world-first route through the Amazon jungle to being held at gunpoint in Russia and crossing minefields along the Afghanistan border, this will be a presentation not to be missed!


Hanna Rose

Wild Ones

Want to hear from a real Hollywood stunt double for the stars?? We have Hanna Rose – Professional Motorbike Stunt Rider for Film & TV doing an exclusive talk at our event in August!

Hanna has worked on a whole host of productions from Fast and Furious to Cold Feet and has been the motorbike stunt double for stars such as Michelle Rodriquez, Halle Berry, Dua Lipa, Olga Kurylenko and more.

Hanna raced motorbikes in both the Thundersport and EMRA championships. She has over 6 years experience performing in live motorbike stunt shows worldwide and has spent 2 years on tour as a circus acrobat. She has designed revolutionary female-specific body armour for the stunt industry and is currently in the process of recruiting for her new all-girls Motorbike stunt show to be launched next season.

Hanna Rose presents: ‘Wild Ones’ – a talk on Motorbike stunt riding in the Movies.

‘I was at primary school on the swings with my best mate, we were swinging as high as we could & seeing who could leap off the furthest. What are you going to do when you’re older? She asked. I replied without hesitation – I’m gonna be a stuntman. At 10 years old I don’t think I’d ever even heard of a stuntwoman. A fair few years later, after a science degree & running away with the circus, I eventually came to realise that working in stunts was not only a possibility – but something I could be good at’

During the talk Hanna covers what it takes to be a woman riding bikes in the movie industry, how she got started in her career and what’s coming next. Hanna’s always trying to find more ways to help make stunt riding more accessible for women – in fact she’s currently on the lookout for recruits for her new all-girls live stunt show!

So come along, take a peek into the secret world of movie making and see if you’ve got what it takes to walk on the wild side!

Guliafshan Tariq

Breaking Barriers

Guliafshan Tariq is a National record holder, with her name recognised by the Pakistan Book of Records. She has appeared on almost all Pakistan TV channels and also on International media BBC and VOA.

By profession she is a Computer Engineer from NUST.

By passion she is a motorbiker, cyclist, paraglider pilot and Certified parasailing pilot!

In 2017 she received the Gold Medal from the Government of Pakistan, Nazariya Pakistan Council for her life time achievements from AQ Khan. She is also a national silver medalist in womens cycling and one of the first ladies of Pakistan who have an International Cycling License.

Her Three Consecutive National Records are:

Cycling to Khunjerab (Highest Border in the world) from Islamabad in 2015

20 day motorbike ride through the whole KPK Province in 2016

Solo Paragliding Jump at a height of 7800ft, Chitral in 2016

Currently she is a motivational speaker and recently initiated the first Women Motorcycling Academy in Pakistan!

Blog Link:



Panel Talks

The panel is formed of inspirational ladies from across the length and breadth of motorcycling. We are bringing together those who are from different sectors of biking but united with a common goal of enjoying and sharing their lifestyles, to have a free and open discussion with you- so bring your questions! Our panel line up is updated all the time, so check back soon for more!

Sophie Mcginn

Show presenter Sophie Mcginn returns as our host for a second year! As an experienced TV presenter and magazine editor, Sophie will be hosting the panel and taking questions from the audience, along with introducing other brilliant speakers.

‘Hi all, I’m Sophie McGinn. I’ve been riding & racing off-road and on track for most of my life, and now I’m a Motorsport Television Presenter, and the editor of Dirtbike Rider Magazine. Can’t wait to meet you all at the Women in Motorcycling Exhibition! See you in Tutbury.’

Lillie AKA @dukeofblonde

Lillie AKA Duke of Blonde is a social media star, putting many miles under her belt and documenting her journey.

“I’m Lillie – a Northerner at heart with a Southern tolerance to cold weather!

I’ve been riding for 5 years now but have been around motorcycles my entire life through various friends. I would say i’m probably just your average girl with a passion for challenging herself. I try to give my absolute all into whatever it is I do and through this i’ve been able to add dancer, martial artist and biker to my list of life accomplishments. Life is too short to not do what makes you happy and I can say with absolute fervour that being a biker has brought me the most happiness, independence, and confidence that i’ve ever had in my life. I struggled a lot in my 20’s with body dysmorphia and low self-esteem but the feeling of empowerment that owning a motorcycle has given me has been worth everything.

I started my journey on a Yamaha MT125, moving up to a Yamaha MT09 when I passed my full license about a year and a half after doing my CBT. I now ride a KTM 1290 Superduke R which gives me more smiles for miles than anything i’ve ever ridden! As i’ve gotten more confident in my riding, I’ve done trackdays, bike trips (I toured Scotland solo in 2020 on my MT09), I joined a large international group that holds rides, events and does regular charity work, and am hoping to add some sort of off-road riding to my repertoire in the near future.

My mum, one of the strongest women I know, has a tattoo with the initials CT that stand for Courage Traveller. This is what biking means to me and what I hope to portray daily through my social media channel. Take photos, always be up for an adventure and make memories!”


Hailey Coxon

Our panel is really shaping up and we have added another incredible panellist for you to ask all your pressing questions! We welcome Hailey Coxon, the host of podcast ‘Rebel without a Limit’.

Growing up in a hotel on the Isle of Man, manx gal Hailey lived for the TT!

‘For the family, TT was about business, for me I fell in love with the people before the racing! The loyal, community full of such interesting characters from all over the world, dedicating their time year after year, to come to our small rock in the Irish Sea to support their heros, flooding our streets with the coolest, noisiest, smelliest machines.’

Fast forward a few years and Hailey found herself getting her first Producer credit, shooting a documentary with the great Murray Walker at the Isle of Man TT!

Since then, Hailey travelled the world working in pitlanes, reporting, presenting, from 2 wheels to 4, interviewing pop stars, film stars, to legends of the sport. To also doing more work behind the camera during the off season on Isle of Man film sets (during a time when shooting film on the island was a booming industry.).

To finally finding her love for riding herself and now hoping to pursue some off road adventures, following her involvement with podcast ‘The Spirit of Motorsport’ in supporting and sponsoring manxman and 5 x World Champion David Knight to the 2021 Dakar!

‘It was a bonkers project to be a part of and during a pandemic! But, it was a pretty interesting and special experience, the support and interaction from fans blew my mind! The mindset of the riders and all involved in the Dakar, is fascinating and inspiring! It’s definitely spurred on a hunger for dabbling in a bit of off-roading too’.

With a hunger for adventure and a passion for Holistic Health, Hailey now Host’s her own podcast ‘Rebel without a Limit’ (an limitless mindset podcast sharing inspirational stories, from athletes, practitioners, adventurers) and runs her wellness brand One Health Whole You.


Liz Hoskin of

The Inspirational Speakers stage sponsors SorryMate have rustled up an inspirational biker lawyer to join our panel in the form of Liz Hoskin!

Liz has many years experience of in both biking and dealing with the aftermath of injuries suffered as a result of a motorbike accident. She works closely with the clients and will have much wisdom to impart!

Liz says- “Having ridden pillion for a decades, I finally found the time and money to take my own test, well into my 50’s.

Thrilled to be at the pointy end I bought a Kawasaki ER6N as a good first bike. My excitement was short lied as six weeks after passing my test I binned the ‘bike and ended up wedged in a hedge, unconscious with a broken neck and wrenched shoulder.

Unsurprisingly, the doctors were unhappy about me returning to riding (or pole fitness, my other passion) until my neck had healed, but I got back to it as soon as I could, buying a cheap old Ducati Monster.

I currently ride a Triumph Tiger 800 XRX, but have had a variety of ‘bikes inbetween.

Trying to make up for lost time, I have done some overseas tours (America and Europe, hoping to go further afield soon), off-roading and green-laning. I have yet to work up the courage to do a track day but it’s only a matter of time.

I am proud to have worked at Sorrymate for many years, exclusively for injured motorcyclists in complex high-value accident claims. The team at Sorrymate is made up of fellow ‘bikers with a variety of ‘bikes and motorcycling history.

I qualified as a solicitor in 2001 as a second career. I studied for my law degree part-time, working full-time and bringing up my children.

My previous lives include running a company hand-rearing rare parrots, birds of prey and penguins, whilst living in a zoo (yes, really). I also worked for several years for the NHS in an administrative capacity, and as a legal secretary before the opportunity to study for a career as a lawyer presented itself.

My hobbies are varied and many, but include motorcycling (naturally), running, art, cooking, baking and pole-fitness.”