Inspirational Speakers

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The Inspirational Speaker Stage is where we bring together the best, most inspiring women from the world of motorcycling to share their passionate stories. From the women winning races to extraordinary solo tourers, we cover a range of motorcycling styles and have a story to inspire anyone.

Claire Lomas

Believe You Can

Claire Lomas was working as a chiropractor and had reached the highest level in the sport of eventing when a freak accident left her paralysed from the chest down. Her motivational story defines the gradual process of turning her situation around; becoming the first paralysed female in the UK to get her motorbike race licence in July 2017 amongst many other significant achievements. Claire challenges her audience to raise their sights, make their own luck by taking opportunities and be the best they can be. You will leave the room believing in yourselves, inspired and hugely motivated. When faced with challenges in your own lives, Claire’s words stick in your mind “Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you can’t – you are right”.

Elspeth Beard

Lone Rider

Elspeth Beard is an adventurous British woman who rode a motorcycle around the world. At the age of just twenty-three, Elspeth left her family and friends in London and set off on a 35,000 mile solo adventure around the world on her 1974 BMW R60/6.

Her two-and-a-half year journey saw her survive life-threatening illnesses, brutal accidents and third world hospitals that left her with permanent scars and memory loss. Along the way, she witnessed riots and civil uprisings that altered the course of nations, fended off physical threats, sexual attacks and corrupt police, and even managed to fall in and out of love with three men. 

She will be telling her truly incredible tale (before the days of Sat Navs and emails) along with a question and answer session for you to ask all your burning questions. Her book, Lone Rider, will be available to purchase on site and she will be signing copies!

Jacqui Furneaux

Hit the Road, Jac!

Jacqui Furneaux had no plans to see the world on a motorbike.

With childhood burn-marks still visible on her leg from her father’s BSA, it would take the scorching hot English summer of 1976 for Jacqui to take to two wheels herself.

Despite her understandable apprehension about the dangers of motorcycling developed during a career in nursing, once she started riding she couldn’t stop.

In 2000 she bought an Enfield motorcycle in India because she’d fallen in love with a Dutchman who asked her to join him on his motorcycle adventures. After seven years on the road in Asia, the Antipodes and the Americas she arrived back in the UK with the motorbike but not with the Dutchman!

She lives in Bristol, UK with her much-dented motorbike, still her only means of transport. Her one regret is that she’s never given it a name.

She has written many articles for magazines.  Her book ‘Hit the Road, Jac!’ tells the story of how this how this 50 year-old nurse learned to manage her motorcycle on dusty roads and goat tracks, from mountains to the sea, through barren deserts to lush jungles.

Facebook: Jacqui Furneaux Travels

Instagram: jacqui.furneaux

Hayley Bell

Women Riders World Relay

Well-deserved of the title of American Motorcyclist Association 2019 Motorcyclist of the Year, we excitedly welcome Hayley Bell as an inspirational speaker at our event!

Hayley is the founder of the Women Riders World Relay WRWR, a movement started to demonstrate to motorcycle manufacturers and makers of riding gear that female riders are a formidable and growing market that deserves their attention. The WRWR started in the UK, with guardians taking the iconic tracked baton across 79 countries. With 3,528 registered guardians, 333 days on the road, 102,223 approx km travelled and 20k followers on social media, the WRWR has made a HUGE impact on women riders globally, uniting them to achieve their goals and creating lifelong friendships.

Maggie McNally-Bradshaw, chair of the AMA Board of Directors, said this of Hayley’s big win: “Women riders are an important segment of the motorcycling community and they are a critical building block for the future. Hayley’s efforts not only reaffirm that sentiment, but they help carry it forward at a time when motorcycling needs new riders in the fold.”

Facing difficulty from the industry from the start and challenges across the relay including border and customs issues, you can hear the amazing story from the tough Northerner to keep persevering and never stop, to ensure you achieve great things.

Steph Jeavons

Home By Seven

Steph Jeavons is an author, journalist, and adventurer who, in March 2018, completed a solo around-the-world (RTW) trip that took her to all 7 continents. A world first. The journey lasted a few days short of four years, during which she logged 54 countries and more miles (over 74,000) on a 250cc Honda than anyone who’s come before. Since her return, Steph has walked 1000km over several peaks for charity, led the first group of all women bikers to Everest Base Camp in Tibet, and taken on a few ‘interesting’ freelance guiding jobs along the way! Lockdown has kept her home in Wales and writing about her adventures, but there is always more to come! We welcome her to The Women in Motorcycling Exhibition!

Sallyha Din

Ride of Your Life

Sallyha Din is a multi-talented bike enthusiast, businesswoman and model. She will be doing an inspirational talk about her biking journey coming from a background that isn’t always accepting of her passions. Along with RubyRides, she will also be part of a panel where you can ask her anything about her biking life.

“Hi! My name is Sallyha (@Sallyhadin) and I am a professional business woman, content creator, host and model. I came to London at 18 to study business at the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy and also worked as a professional catwalk and print model since the age of 15. Venturing through my 20s I have found passion in becoming a rider and am so excited for the next steps of my career, focusing on my riding journey as well as shifting the narrative that surrounds South Asian women, religion and culture when it comes to following dreams and passions that are not so commonly accepted.

I hope through my journey I can translate the inspiration I have taken from rebellion, my values and the right to expression to encourage expansion and encouragement to those looking for it! Excitingly, I have now graciously managed to channel all of my desire for change and growth into my podcast Ride Of Your Life (@Rideofyourlifepodcast) where we share astonishing stories, whittle down on controversial topics and talk openly with amazing people from the bike world and more. Feel free to connect and I look forward to going on this journey with you all!”

Panels & Talks

The Panels and Talks bring together women from all areas of motorbiking, who have a passion for bikes, to discuss current issues and topics in an interactive, interesting and informal environment. Bring your questions!


Instagram Sensation

RubyRides began her biking adventure after seeing a picture of Marc Márquez racing on his RC213V in a national newspaper. Being a petrolhead and looking for a new challenge, she typed “how to get a motorcycle license” into google!

Little did she realise that it would quickly become her consuming passion, from the initial purchase of her first bike which was a CBR125, she is now the proud owner of 1 hyper bike and 2 super sport bikes (KAWASAKI H2, S1000RR HP4 and an RSV4 1100). She has owned 11bikes and has tested many bikes along her journey.

In the early days she created her Instagram account _rubyrides_ to share her daily experiences and passion for all things bike related. Her posts quickly gained notoriety for their accurate information, tips and product reviews while still maintaining her fun and unique view on life. She regularly reviews new bikes and related products and attends numerous events every month as well as track days when she can. Her enthusiasm for the sport is unlimited and it is a case of once met never forgotten!

Throughout she has lived by the mantra of appealing to all genders, age groups and abilities of rider, everyone is equal. But has certainly enjoyed promoting the fact that women can more than hold their own on 2 wheels! @_rubyrides_

Holly Richardson

All About Holly

Holly began her riding adventures in 2016, and she currently rides a Harley-Davidson Sportster (with a flamed out tank and crown gas cap!). Holly runs a biking blog via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube- All About Holly. 

Her Facebook page is a hub of discussion and lively debates, with a following of people from all over the world. Her YouTube channel features How-to’s – whilst she works on her own bike, vlogs, reviews, test rides, and documentary style videos. Holly has a passion for creating interesting and informative content – that being said, she doesn’t take herself too seriously, and is known amongst her online community for wearing fluffy slippers whilst filming various mishaps in her garage! 

Holly uses her social media platforms to host various rides and events, of which have included introducing motorcycling to aspiring female riders, hosting the first ever ‘Ladies Day’ at Jack Lilley Triumph, and next May she is taking to the roads of Ireland and leading a bike tour with LemonRock! 

“Riding has given me friends that became family, a network of support and respect, liberation, fun, and an abundance of opportunity. It has certainly changed my life for the better! My ultimate goal is to inspire and encourage others to live their lives to the full, and in my opinion, there is no better way to do that then riding a motorcycle!”

Zoe Cano

Bonneville Go or Bust

Zoë Cano,  is an adventurous explorer, writer and photographer.  Born in Hereford, England, she immediately moved after leaving school to live and work in Paris for ten years in the film and events industry then on to New York and Boston, with extended periods in Brazil and Asia.

Among her numerous unique adventures,  Zoë has undertaken the challenge to row the entire length of The Thames from its source in the centre of England to Greenwich, travelled through the Amazon, walked distances along the Great Wall of China and also crossed the Peruvian Andes on horseback, the Moroccan Atlas Mountains and rode with the wildlife migrations across the Kenyan Masai Mara.

With her love of motorcycles, in 2012 she succeeded in a  massive exploit to cross the American Continent solo , without assistance, on a classic Triumph Bonneville T100.  She’d just passed her test!

This expedition clocked up almost  9 000 miles with no sat-nav used – just old National Geographic maps and a compass!  That summer of 2012 across America would go down in the record books as being the hottest summer on record.  The fact that she hadn’t done much more than 100 miles on a motorbike before the trip confirms the courage of the trip producing incredible adventures.

She is the author of a number of highly successsful travel books. ‘Bonneville Go or Bust – On the Roads Less Travelled’ narrates this first unique solo adventure across America and has received rave reviews and 5 star ratings on both sides of the Atlantic.

Just two years later in 2014,  Zoe returned to the USA and undertook another challenging 2 000 miles on another motorbike this time through the southern states of Georgia, Alabama and the Gulf Peninsula of Florida recounted in her second book ‘Southern Escapades’.

Her third book in the adventure travel series – ‘Chilli, Skulls & Tequila” – is a 3 000 mile solo escapade she took in 2016 through the iconic Baja California, Mexico and this time in an old truck!  In 2017, a year later, she jumped on an old scooter and rode from London and around the Welsh coastline.

Closer to home, she’s just finished her fifth book Mini Escapades around the British Isles and just released in 2021 encapsulating her mini journeys over the years around England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. / twitter-  @bijoulatina / instagram – bijoulatina

Anna Mi

Female Riders UK

The fiery and determined Anna Mi from Female Riders UK will be on a panel to ask all about her thoughts on anything to do with female riders!

“I will be representing Female Riders UK. Before I talk about Female Riders UK, let me explain why I joined this community. In 2004 I had a near-fatal accident, leaving me seriously injured and in a wheelchair for almost 3 years. Even then I knew that I wanted to ride again. This didn’t stop me and I learned how to walk again after being told its likely I wouldn’t. Most importantly, I could ride a motorcycle again. I wouldn’t let this discourage me to do something that I love: to ride motorcycles again!

In 2014 I moved to the UK but only in 2016 I realized that not all women are as determined as I am. I had lady bikers friends who needed support. On my journey in the UK motorcycling world, I found Female Riders UK and after having a discussion with the founder, Andreea, and knowing her values and what she was aiming to do with this community, dedicating all her free time into helping ladies ride more and choose motorcycles as a means of transport, I’ve decided to use my time, my knowledge and my history to motivate other women to be strong and make their dreams come true. Live happy being who they want to be, not what society dictates they have to be, that’s what Female Riders UK is about. A group of friends helping and motivating other friends to be happy and confident in the motorcycling world!”

Anna is also a talented crafter- check out her lovely homemade gifts including Father’s Day guardian bells here- Little Biker By Anna Mi

Sherrie Woolf & Nimi Patel

World’s Largest All Female Biker Meet

Women biker advocates and organisers Sherrie Woolf & Nimi Patel met at The Ace Cafe in London in 2015 at a female biker event organised by Nimi Patel. They got chatting about the positive turnout and wondered how many female bikers could be brought together to demonstrate to the motorbike industry how many women were riding their own bikes and that that it is a market worth catering to.

“The World’s Largest All Female Biker Meet was born with the 1st event held at The Ace Cafe on 16th August 2015. It was better than we could ever have imagined with 618 female bikers turning up for the event and completely taking over the venue!

In 2017, we smashed that number with another world record event at a more central location, Lynne’s Raven Cafe in Shropshire. The 2017 event saw 1,132 ladies attend. Despite groups in America and Australia trying to beat us, the UK record remains undefeated! In 2017 we also set a world record for the Most Women Riding a Moto GP Track. 221 ladies joined us on track during the UK leg of the 2017 Moto GP weekend for a parade lap of the famous circuit.

All events raised money for charity, with thousands being donated. It’s amazing to see more and more women getting involved in such a wonderful sport and more events, such as this one, happening to celebrate it!”

Sophie McGinn

Presenter & Host

Meet our show presenter Sophie Mcginn! As an experienced TV presenter and magazine editor, Sophie will be hosting the panel and taking questions from the audience, along with introducing other brilliant speakers.

‘Hi all, I’m Sophie McGinn. I’ve been riding & racing off-road and on track for most of my life, and now I’m a Motorsport Television Presenter, and the editor of Dirtbike Rider Magazine. Can’t wait to meet you all at the Women in Motorcycling Exhibition! See you in Tutbury.’

At the Show- Meet & Greets

We also have inspirational and boundary-breaking ladies who will be at the show on their own stands who will be available for questions and chats!

Lissy Whitmore

Lissy Whitmore Racing

Young racers (and best friends) Lissy Whitmore and Charlotte Marcuzzo will be attending our special event with their race bikes for you to learn about their racing journeys and ask all your pressing questions.

Lissy will be racing a Yamaha YZF-R3 in the NG road racing Championship F400 and open 500 classes next year as well as taking part in other championships throughout the season. She’s only been riding since easter 2017 but has amazed audiences with her ability. She started in the British mini bike Championship and this year moved to bigger bikes gaining 7 podiums this year, finishing 3rd in the Supermono GB Championship Jnr cup, 4th in the open 500 newcomer Championship and 10th in the F400 Championship, all on a KTM RC390. Lissy’s aim is to get to the bsb paddock.

Charlotte Marcuzzo

Charlotte Marcuzzo Racing

Young racers (and best friends) Lissy Whitmore and Charlotte Marcuzzo will be attending our special event with their race bikes for you to learn about their racing journeys and ask all your pressing questions.

Charlotte only started racing in 2018 in the BMB paddock on a 140MiniGp bike. She won the winter 18/19 championship and was Vice Champion after leading the championship for most of the season for 2019.

Alongside the MiniGP bike Charlotte started to race in the BEMSEE junior team green cup on her Ninja 300. She managed to finish on the podium twice at her first ever meeting on the 300 at Cadwell Park. Charlotte was nominated for the Henry Surtees young racer of the year, recognising just how well she had done in such a short space of time.

With Covid ensuring the 2020 race season was only partially completed, Charlotte was showing promise with consistently high places, finishing the championship in 6th place with 18 riders, and the only girl on the grid in her class- and the top 300cc rider! Things are looking promising for a successful 2021 season.

Chloe Jones

Chloe Jones Racing

Chloe Jones is a 16 year old girl who has a real passion for racing. She first got on a bike when she was 11 years old, and raced a little mini moto finishing 1st in the novice championship in the first year.Chloe then moved onto a mini gp 140 bike and after only practicing once on the bike she won her first race. She then went on to come 1st in the Mini GP 140 class in the British Mini Bike Championship with a whole round to spare even after missing a round due to a family holiday! At only 14 years old she decided she wanted to start racing against adults and started riding a Honda Crf 150 bike.
With the support of M.R.S Racing she had some brilliant races against some fast grown men and had some great top 10 finishes.

At the age of 15 she started riding the M.R.S Racing Yamaha R3 in the Junior supersport class of British Superbikes. As the only female in the class she was having some amazing battles throughout the season and was having an amazing year improving every race until unfortunately an accident with another rider caused her to break her collar bone.

Chloe is determined to come back much stronger this year and fight for those top finishes. She is working hard in the gym and on the track on her little bikes. She will be back in the British superbike paddock and also will be doing some other races in other championships for extra track time.

She is looking forward to meeting lots more people and hopefully encouraging more women and youngsters onto bikes.